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Thursday, 21 July 2011

"More Whistleblowers May Face Emma Martins Big Stick"

Airport deals under investigation

Concerns have been raised about the new airport control tower

INVESTIGATING accountants have been called in to review allegations of mishandled Airport contracts.
Concerns have been raised publicly in recent weeks over the new £12m air traffic control tower, including allegations that an £800,000 redesign of the Channel Islands air space zone could have been done free of charge, that a £65,000 per year air traffic controller failed exams and was doing basic administrative work, and that a £6,000 signalling lamp could have been bought for £900.
The investigation has been set up by the States spending watchdog, Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson, who has been contacted by whistleblowers.
The terms of reference for the investigation have been provided to the Economic Development department, which oversees the Airport, but have not been published.

Emma Martins who has persecuted Stuart Syvret,
and on behalf of known criminals


  1. Known criminals like who?

  2. Yes Ian - it had occurred to me that Mrs Martins seemes to be happy to 'assist' those who have fallen foul of the law, yet the couple who had death threats made against them by one of these very people were banging their heads against a brick wall when dealing with her.

    How does that make any sense at all?

  3. There must be laws broken otherwise there would be nothing for her to act upon.

  4. Reminds this old baby boomer of Richard Nixon's famous enemies list. It included many honest investigative journalists, people who engaged in free speech, close scrutiny and fact checking in general, and anyone opposed to him on ethical or political grounds.

    Time and place and scale may change but history is destined to repeat itself. Lessons learned?

  5. Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...
    Now – here’s a fascinating thing;
    check out the latest crypto-fascist threat to me from Emma Martins – acting on behalf of the delightful character that is bent ex-cop Nigel Gregory: -

    “From: Emma Martins
    To: ""
    Date: 20 July 2011 12:57
    12:57 (21 minutes ago)
    20 July 2011

    Strictly private & confidential

    By email only:

    Dear Mr Syvret

    Application for assistance under Art.53 of the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 (“the Law”)

    I refer to previous correspondence in this matter and to put you on notice that I have received an application from Mr Nigel Gregory seeking assistance from me under Art.53 of the Law.

    I write therefore in accordance with my statutory obligations to inform you that I have determined to provide him with assistance.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Emma Martins

    Data Protection Commissioner”

    Absolutely fascinating, no?

    The timing?

    Martins embarks upon another course of unlawful and anti-democratic round of oppressions against me – aimed at trying to prevent me from journalistically exposing wrong-doers. In this case – a former police officer – who was known to routinely leak highly sensitive police information – and who had a very close relationship with Jersey’s equivalent of the News of the World – the Jersey Evening Post.
    A bent ex-cop – who leaked information to known criminals – information that could have aided terrorists – but who Jersey’s then Attorney General, William Bailhache refused to prosecute.

    Hmmmm….rather inconvenient, eh?

    Just at the very moment The Rag and the Shentons and the rest of the oligarchy have seized on the opportunity to bandwagon on the Millie Dowler tragedy – in an attamept to attack Lenny Harper – someone like me might just be making something of a study of the conduct of the JEP and bent Jersey cops over the years – and the amazing refusal of William Bailhache to prosecute bent cops for leaking information to criminals. The very kind of behaviour The Rag and its client oligarchs now seek to condemn.

    Here’s a few extracts from Lenny’s affidavit:

    “28. The first was the case of a Special Branch Detective Nigel Gregory.
    29. In late 2004 and early 2005 intelligence was received that Gregory, a Detective Constable in Special Branch, was linked to the criminal fraternity and may have passed information from police systems to criminal gangs operating in Jersey.”

    “54. Thirty minutes before Boschat was due to be charged, the Attorney General ordered that he should not be. It emerged that he had been visited by two politicians who had connections with the case who asked him to stop the charging. These were Deputy Sarah Ferguson and Deputy Colin Egre. Both of these politicians were associates of Boschat and both had served in the Honorary Police with him. Both had met with him, Gregory, and other corrupt ex officers frequently and with them had conducted a high profile media campaign to stop the Professional Standards anti corruption enquiries. Ferguson and Egre have recently publicly admitted their roles in this saga.
    55. I challenged the Law Officers Department about this turn around and the effect it would have on our efforts to combat corruption. I was told by Laurence O’Donnell that the Attorney General merely wanted to review the evidence and would come back to me in a few days. I questioned the need for the AG to take this unusual step when one of his most senior lawyers had already given authority to charge. The days turned into weeks without word from the Attorney General.”

    Let there be no mistake – as to just what – and who – needs inquiring into in the world of the Jersey equivalent of News Corp – the Guiton Group – and its ‘Murdoch’ – John Averty.

    An inquiry that would very much have to examine the Office of Attorney General itself.


    Wednesday, 20 July 2011 14:11:00 GMT+01:00

  6. Thats clever Ian, you are now reproducing material Syvret is being taken to the Royal Court for.

  7. Better add Lenny Harper then!

    I have my disclaimer, different laws in the USA, and of course, some very good knowledge of Common Law :)

  8. You already know about using a US domain for enhanced protection of free speech on the internet, but there are other resources available for online political journalists. If you find yourself legally threatened or even think you might be, you can bring it to the attention of a growing number of international organizations for their assistance.

    "Journalists without Borders" is one such group, and they have already been contacted regarding the persecution of Stuart Syvret.

    There are a great many groups with a vested interest in protecting political free speech on the internet. One network of free speech advocates is known for creating multiple re-postings around the world of any online political commentary which is threatened or banned. This has a proven history of exponentially increasing the publicity for, and subsequent readership of, the threatened words.


  9. Thank you for that USA.

    Yes, I have already noticed it on Stuart's blog. Just had a few more comments from the same halfwit on matters of law!

    "If you think you are outside of the scope of Jersey data protection law because a blog is based in the USA and you live in Jersey writing on it then you really are stupid. Syvret has already been found guilty of data protection in Court for a blog. Explain that."

    It's called corruption!!!


    STATUTES can only be given the FORCE OF LAW with MY CONSENT, and my consent will not be forthcoming :)

  10. Wow your so clever Ian.

    As if Data Protection do not have any lawyers working for them and you do.

  11. Well now, THIS sure looks like a victory over the Vicounts Office :)

  12. Hmmm?

    It's gone awefully quiet on the TROLL's side :)

  13. I like your defence and your flow sometimes but I know its not going to work. Calling a system corrupt is just an excuse. If this is all true then Syvret would have umpteen lawyers chucking themselves at him to help him. This hiding behind a USA blog domain has been tested elsewhere already and people have lost.

  14. Oh Dear, you just haven't got a clue, have you!!!

    Lawyers and Bankers are the most corrupt disgusting people in the world, and it was lawyers who put oppressive greedy Governments together.

    Furthermore, a lawyers oath is to the courts, and NOT the client. They will never ever go against the courts or fellow members of their own society. All legal words are written in their own language called "LAW" or sometimes known as "Legalese". That is why very few members of the private (usually called the public) know about them.

    It is easy to pull their codes apart once you know how, that is the difference between what you call freedom, and what I KNOW to be freedom.

  15. well said Ian,

    bit of a coincidience them calling their language Law eh.

    no misunderstandings there then!


  16. Hello my friend :)

    Our latest client (if thats the right word) is very happy with the work done on their case, very happy indeed....

    Just watching the magnificent deception again, hee hee

  17. Did the investigative accountants ever publish a report on their findings?

  18. When this stuff happens you never seem to hear anything ever again!

    Silence is the only answer that is ever given by the Jersey authorities.

  19. Ian was the source of the story on Airport deals under investigation the JEP?

    In the story on whilstleblowers did Emma Martins were the police called in? Where are the terms of reference where is the report on spending? Now we have airport and harbour incorporation discussions. What is going on, far too many cracks being papered over for my liking.

    Chris Swinson was contacted by whistleblowers then Ms Martin not happy with whistleblowers whether it is the ones blowing whistle on spending at airport or not what is the outcome?

  20. Possibly the article was to fire a warning to any wannabe whistleblowers via the media.

  21. I just cannot tell you anon, we never hear a damn thing again, it's always covered up! I see wholly where you are coming from as it all ties in together beautifully.

    As for the incorporation of the harbour and airport, myself & Cyril were talking about this as soon as we heard it. We were thinking that if incorporated, everyone, and everything that comes through either is the chattel property of the States of Jersey Inc!!! That rings alarm bells as they can put ant chattel property INTO STORAGE!!! ie Prison....

  22. Best one to ask would be Trevor Pitman

  23. I have just asked Trevor to have a look at this, we shall see what comes back

  24. Thanks Ian.

    There is a 12 million pound control tower being queried, just one of allegations, not peanuts is it?

    The States of Jersey Limited, I am looking at who gets the big contracts from this company and who is giving contracts to who?

    I would appreciate knowing the outcome from the States spending watchdog and others on the piece in the JEP.