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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"The Man With (two brains) Will Run For Senator"

Dr Mark Forskitt will run for Senator in the next election.
Mark, an avid environmentalist and extremely intelligent all-rounder who also backs the Jersey Care Leavers Association in their fight for justice and a full inquiry into child abuse in Jersey.
Now there is a breath of fresh air!!! and he campaigns for that as well....

"This guy 'IS' worth your vote"


  1. Mark will be getting my vote.

  2. Head and heels above the other candidates for Senator so far. An intelligent, gentle man with the right priorities.

    Good luck Mark.

  3. saves having to use "none of the above" box!!
    good luck Sir don't know you but reading this article is enough,it appears you have a brain & hopefully the strength of character not to get sucked into the "system"

  4. Anon

    A team of Wild Horses couldn't drag Mark Forskitt over to the dark side, he is a very principled and decent human being....

  5. Much obliged for the generous words of you and your contributors. Quite why the JEP insist on these titles bemuses me. My first degree was in metallurgy and materials science - not that far removed from a pipe fitter ;)

    Mark F

  6. You are very welcome Mark, and I am pleased to note that you read my blog.

    Very best of luck with the elections, and I am sure we bloggers will be hot on your campaign trail :)

  7. Mark will have my vote - we need a pool of thoughtful intelligent and effective States Members.

  8. if he gets in then we will see if he keeps he,s word. to many have gone in then gone to dark side i keep an opean mind