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Saturday, 30 July 2011

"Lethal Boy Racer Warning - Yet No Charges For Death Crash Driver"

"Jersey Authorities Double Standards"

Like this car was travelling at 30 mph???

BOY racers who show off behind the wheel are ‘lethal’ and risk killing themselves and others, the Assistant Magistrate warned as she sentenced two men for dangerous driving.
Bridget Shaw said that young male drivers too often had an inflated opinion of their ability to handle a car and took stupid risks, something she called a potentially ‘lethal combination’.
She made the comments during two cases this week, one involving an 18-year-old and the other a 21-year-old. In both, she said the defendants could have killed someone.


  1. Surely if the driver hasnt been named it is because of an ongoing, ongoing, ongoing...investigation!!

    You mentioned in a post a while back that many of the rumours where incorrect and I think you donated money to charity as an apology for allowing the rumours to be published in your comments.

    It is still disturbing that somebody is not getting the type of justice normally meted out by the JEP when naming people before they have been found guilty and that nobody has been charged with, at the least dangerous driving.

    Apart from that though, the main thoughts about this saga should be with the family of the lady who died in the crash. It really is sad that someone should die and then in an accident on an island with such low speed limits, its intollerable.

  2. I find this very, very strange that the person is not yet named, this man was responsible for the death of a young woman. Simple! so lets get the name of this man!

  3. I heard that the driver is an Irish guy who has had a mental breakdown.

  4. Possibly the "reason" for the delay is that there has been a claim of catastrophic mechanical malfunction (such as a suspension component) of the Lotus and until the powers that be know whether this was the case they cannot make a charge of causing death by dangerous driving stick. Is there any reason why they can't make a charge of simple speeding stick right now, name the driver and stop the speculation?

  5. Hmmm?

    Mental breakdown!

    Unfit to stand trial!!

    That old Chestnut!!!

  6. Strangely enough, I heard Irish too.

  7. Another theory I heard was that the driver is in a witness protection program and that is why they have not been named.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Who do we know who is Irish and spent some time off sick?

  10. 'Could' of killed someone so they got done... actually kill someone and walk away !! It stinks and it will not be forgotten.... Oh I bet they wish it was the good old days before the internet and blogs came along...



    Anything to pacify the plebs hey, "The Jersey Way"

  12. Ian, I don't think

    "Hymie said...

    Hello Ian, just heard that Fred the..."

    deserves publication.

  13. "The Right Of Reply"!!!

    Except for Government Troll's of course....

  14. I was told that Dita was dating her boss.

  15. Whoever was dating who, whatever names are put forward, a few things are clear....

    1/ It cannot be covered up forever.
    2/ It is someone with money and connections.
    3/ The people at the vehicle registration centre know who it is.
    4/ Advocate Sue Pearmain knows who it is.
    5/ Roy Boschat knows who it is.
    6/ The duty centennier knows who it is.
    7/ Linda knows who it is.
    8/ Hospital staff know who it is.
    9/ Jersey's "discredited" media know who it is.
    10/ And, a certain little bird knows who it is.

  16. I don't think that you should have published Hymie's comment re "Fred" and I am concerned too about your references to illness as a potential ground for criticism.
    Tom Gruchy says

  17. TOM

    As distasteful as it may appear, it is a stunt often used....

  18. The accident happened outside Pearmains house.

  19. That big house just past Green Island, on the right hand side?

  20. Where did she work? It was in the media at the time, wasn't it a fitness place down at the waterfront?

  21. Hymie....

    That was a bit naughty mate, so have removed the comment. lets leave the racist shyte where it belongs hey.