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Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Lenny Harper Throws Down The Gauntlet" Will Our Odious Clowns Respond?

I look forward to an inquiry into leaks

From Lenny Harper.

I AM in total agreement with Messrs Power, Shenton and Perchard about the need for a rigorous investigation into leaks to the media during the historical abuse inquiry.
Having said that, the demand by Senator Perchard in particular is a bit like the turkey voting for Christmas, as any inquiry would need to include leaks by politicians, and of course I have already publicly claimed that he leaked a confidential police email to David Rose and that the States refused to investigate the matter.

Such an inquiry would also, of course, have to examine the allegations made by the Home Affairs Minister and Mr Kellet in the Scrutiny panel meeting that Mick Gradwell may also have unlawfully leaked confidential information to the same journalist.
Perhaps that is what these three gentlemen are actually talking about? Somehow, I think not. There seems to be collective amnesia around those instances.

I will, of course, co-operate fully with any independent investigation into such leaks. I have nothing to fear – most of my contacts with the media were in the full view of the public and involved what Sir Hugh Orde described the other day as the proper and necessary relationships between the media and senior police officers.

He did this when he made the comments that corrupt police officers leaking information should be jailed and the keys thrown away (the same goes for politicians, of course).
Presumably Mr Shenton has changed his mind on this? It only seems like yesterday that he was criticising me for attempting to bring the small number of corrupt Jersey officers to justice and called it a waste of money.

So I look forward to seeing this investigation and we will find out the truth as to whether a journalist received leaked material from Senator Perchard, what Mr Gradwell did (he has been uncharacteristically silent until now) and, perhaps, what those leaking the information gained from it.
As I said, I have no concerns about such an investigation. Almost all of what I said can be found in easily accessible articles and film online.

Please see the green link to VoiceForChildren below
as Lenny Harper is interviewed on this very subject



  1. Until he comes back to Jersey to face people properly he can write as many silly letters as he likes.

  2. And face silly people like yourself? Someone who probably denies child abuse can happen on our perfect island. How sad it is that people are more interested in slagging someone off than actually making an effort to stop child abuse in Jersey so that we can eventually move on and try to have it stamped out for good.

    Well, enjoy your denial because unlike myself who was not abused but actually cares, you obviously couldn't give a monkeys as long as it is not going on in your own backyard.

    It's sickening to the core of society that people like you (commentor above) are more focused on denial than doing something about it for future generations of Jersey children. You make me sick and you are sick, a disgusting example of the scum that believes in keeping it hush so as to preserve a reputation. Go back to your denial blog and leave the blogs where people actually care alone.

    Sorry Ian if you cant publish this but dirty sick peodo sympathisers are scum and deserve to be treated like it.

  3. Sorry if you can't publish?

    Should have seen what I was going to write!!!

  4. Do those who so obviously obstruct the truth about child abuse think they are protecting Jersey's reputation? Jersey is already widely known for covering up paedophilia and it is commenters like the first one who help create that bad image. If Jersey wants to look good to the world, it has to look open to truth, and look sympathetic to abuse survivors and their right to justice. Outside Jersey, Lenny Harper's reputation is for courage and integrity for his relentless loyalty to the rule of law and protection of innocents. In what universe outside of Jersey does covering up paedophilia look right?

  5. One has to feel some pity for the author of the first comment.

  6. Love the picture, hope Lenny stays well away from Jersey until he is called as witness to testify against these gangsters, stay safe Lenny and God bless you xxxx


  7. I think it has nothing to do with Jersey's reputation or the abuse investigation.. I think that dirty pedos are terrified of us all finding out who they are... I reckon that one day we will all know and be totally shocked... Who was so scared of their despicable acts against innocent children being found out that they murdered them??

  8. I think it is beyond any doubt that children where at least, disposed of, at Haute De La Garenne.

    I think the real mass graves will be found at St Saviours mental hospital, why else would they take out a 100 year order to stop any building, or digging there???

  9. Hello Ian, I spoke to a hdlg survivor last week who made the same comment with regards to graves at St Saviours hospital. He also talked about patients being locked up in a dungeon.

  10. Didn't know about SS and the 100 year digging ban...When did they do this? Who requested it and who passed it ?..Is it public knowledge ??

  11. Hi Ian,
    Lets see if this gets on JEP?

    One Article Comment
    Ashamed to be Local
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 9:54 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    How on earth these 3, I can barely call them ‘MEN’ have the sheer audacity to dare to ask for this enquiry suggesting Lenny Harper leaked information is totally beyond me, when all 3 have skeletons the size of dinosaurs in their own closets.

    One stole private documents and published them online, another leaked police e-mails to David Rose journalist and abuse denier, and the third taped phone conversations to be used against others at a later date. Have they NO SHAME?

    Totally despicable, they should GO.

    Lenny Harper, as always with truth on his side and nothing to hide, his transparency comes shining through. I admire you Lenny, and can’t thank you enough for all you did and are still doing for abuse survivors. Now that is a ‘MAN’. Total Respect.

    Read more:

  12. Ian,

    Further to my last comment re JEP online & Lennys letter, I had a look back to see if it had been published, and lo and behold it has disappeared! No Lenny letter at all, and certainly no comments!

    I then rang the news desk asking if I had gone mad or imagined things, and was told it has all had to be taken down, because the person filling in, hadn't realised that they weren't meant to upload anything to do with the enquiry, and it has all had to be taken down. When I said 'you mean covered up', he actually said 'yes'! Freudian slip of the tongue?


  13. "Didn't know about SS and the 100 year digging ban...When did they do this? Who requested it and who passed it ?..Is it public knowledge ??"

    Just been speaking to the person who told me last year about this. It was actually a listed building order of some description, but included a special clause. That special clause was that digging for minerals or metals was utterly prohibited.

    My friend made some enquiries into this from experts who told him that it was a very strange occurance, and that it made no sense to add any such clause to a listed building application.

    "Minerals or Metals"? Human bodies are only comprised of minerals, "Fillings" are metal? Plates for joining badly broken bones are metal?

    I hardly think that there are vast deposits of ore, gold or diamonds in the grounds of St Saviours, so what the hell is going on???

  14. It would be interesting to know when the clause prohibiting digging was added.. and who asked for it if it was added at a later date... I find it very,very odd as well ... Only someone with something to hide would want this, as you say there is no precious metals there ... mmm, the plot thickens !

  15. haveing just read these comments and read about graves up at ss my mind drifts back to when i was a patient on chaussy ward(which i might add has now been closed so even less beds for the mentally ill!)people would be admited to the ward in the day men and woman and then by the next morning they would have just gone!and no 1 seemed to know who i was asking about !i asked many questions up there and i was rewarded with huge increased doses of phyciatric drugs