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Saturday, 30 July 2011

"Le Marquand Denies Forgetting To remember What He Never Knew?"

Le Marquand denies ‘disrespecting’ Scrutiny

Our future Chief Minister, according to God!
HOME Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has denied claims that he ‘disrespected’ the Scrutiny process following the resignation of a panel.
Members of the Home Affairs and Education Scrutiny panel recently announced that they were resigning, and cited the attitude of Senator Le Marquand as one of the main reasons.
However, the Senator, who earlier this week announced his intention to stand for Chief Minister in the autumn, believes that the move was more to do with ‘a general frustration’ that has built up within the States and that Members who are not Ministers or Assistant Ministers feel disenfranchised.

1 comment:

  1. So where does this leave the voters aka the paying public or do they/we not matter in this cosy club spat?
    I have been blogging for the past few years at length about the failings of the "scrutiny" system and have attended most scrutiny meetings. When I have tried to protest at the meetings I have been threatened with removal by our so called "progressive" reps and told to keep quiet by them just as much as by the old guard.
    Voters should not kid themsleves that anything will change just because a few candidates (whether already reps or not) just say that it needs reform. There must be a commitment and that must be agreed by a sufficient number of election candidates with a shared manifesto.
    The other great scrutiny scandal of bloggers and members of the public not being allowed to record and report with the same freedom as the "accredited" media has still to be resolved.
    This also needs a commitment from those who claim to care but I know from personal experience, that very few of the existing reps take such matter seriously enough to bring about change.
    The usual response from our reps is to abuse people like me for daring to speak out.
    Power - even the allusion of power - has a very strange affect on people. At least with the Ozoufs of this world I usually know how they will behave in government. Tom Gruchy says