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Saturday, 30 July 2011

"The Land Where Greed Is King"

You have a lovely Island but it’s just too expensive

From Louise Morrison.

YOU can learn a lot about a people when you have lived among them for ten weeks, as I have done in your pleasant Island. I listed my observations of that time in Jersey and I hope I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

My first observation is about the people of Jersey, who I found are among the most generous I have ever met, like the people of Dublin, where I spent the first six weeks of my law studies.
Despite being lambasted by all sorts of taxes, they are willing to go that extra mile for good causes. The recent Itex Walk was a classic example, brave hearts all of them.

My second observation is on your beautiful beaches with golden sands and clear blue waters. St Ouen was my favourite. I found St Brelade’s Bay too much like Coney Island in America.
It was overcrowded, noisy and somewhat intimidating in the evening, with many drunken yobs making people’s lives a misery. Thankfully, the majority of your youth are a credit to their parents.

My third observation is about eating out. There are plenty of good pubs to choose from. The only real moan I have is that the price of wine changes in your restaurants and pubs. I often wonder where are they getting their wine from, and more to the point, who is buying it?
In most supermarkets you can buy any of the wines being served in your restaurants and pubs at a third of the price. You sure know how to frighten holidaymakers away.

I have enjoyed my ten weeks in Jersey, but the question is: would I come back?
Afraid not. It is far too expensive for a holiday. I am going to the Aegean coast in September with my brother and his girlfriend. Ten days including flights: £1,000. My fare to go home from Jersey to the UK cost me £226 one-way.

Tourism will find it has to justify overcharging in eating houses for a drink, and as we all know, wine in particular is one of the cheapest things available right now.

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  1. This is the greediest place on the Planet!