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Saturday, 30 July 2011

"Jersey Surfers To The Rescue"

Four people who were being swept out to sea in St Ouen's Bay were yesterday evening (Friday) saved by surfers.

A man, a young boy and two girls were caught in a rip tide. It is likely they would have drowned had three surfers not been there.

There are some warnings not to bathe in the La Saline area, but they can be missed.

Yesterday evening a boy, thought to be about 12, entered the sea and was swept out. His father went in to save him, but he too needed to be rescued.

Two girls who were with them were also caught in the rip tide. Luckily three surfers were in the sea and heard the boy screaming for help. Steve Eastman reached the boy and put him on his board, but then had a long and exausting swim back to the shore. It took about 15 minutes to reach safety.

At the same time fellow surfer Thomas Peters went to rescue the boy's father. Thomas also struggled against the fast-flowing rip tide, but managed to bring the man ashore.

And surfer Simon Abels rescued the two girls. All four were able to walk away, but were in a state of shock.

Both Steve Eastwood and Thomas Peters say all of the rescued people are lucky to be alive. The surfers are not looking for plaudits, they just want to warn people about the dangers of swimming at La Saline.

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