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Monday, 25 July 2011

"Jersey Get's Something Right At Last"

Disability issues added to new law on discrimination

JERSEY will get a discrimination law after a landmark decision in the States.
In what was the final piece of business for the House on Friday before the summer recess, 42 Members unanimously gave the go-ahead for a draft law to protect Island workers from discrimination, to be drawn up whatever the cost.
The new law would outlaw discrimination over issues of disability, age, sex and race.
The proposition had been brought by Deputy Geoff Southern, a long-term advocate of the Island’s need for a discrimination law, and was successfully amended by the Council of Ministers.
The decision now means that a draft version of the law is expected to be brought back to the States some time next year. If adopted, it will be implemented soon afterwards.

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  1. Hello Ian, according to Trevors blog, Phyliss O thinks Trevors to hard on him. He wishes!