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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"The Jersey Evening Post - Start To Print Some Of The Truth"

"Are the JEP at a watershed moment?"

For the very first time, the Jersey Evening Post have gone to print with some small degree of fairness and facts regarding Lenny Harper!!!


What is written here in this article can only be described as a vast improvement in comparison to their usual slap-happy Government propaganda.
Are the JEP beginning to understand that masking child abuse is
an extremely serious offence?

Predictably, they give "The Cuckoo" Ian Le Marquand
his mandatory and inflammatory ranting session, and cater also for
Ben "Empty Chair" Shenton to gas and drool the usual obnoxious drivel.

BUT....For once,
they also address the testimony and concerns of Lenny Harper.
Lenny explains here about the meeting with the NOTW, and
the lengths he had to go to in stopping people like Jimmy Perchard
leaking information to scum like David Rose.

In this article we still get Le Marquand's
predictable and nonsensical outbursts
spouting such un-evidenced and unsubstantiated garbage as
"the leaks were likely to have come from a police officer, or officers"
But when you live in cloud cuckoo land like Ian Le Marquand,
this utter dross is somewhat expected.

Furthermore, one must ask, what is Shenton trying to cover up?


Just left click on the pic to read it


  1. Ian.

    Certainly by JEP standards, it is something that resembles a fair article.

    You ask the question that is on everybody's lips right now, just what are Senator Ben Shenton's motives? He appears hell bent on trashing Lenny Harper and his investigation. What has, if anything, Ben Shenton got to hide?

  2. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before we find out VFC :)

  3. What exactly is it you've got to hide Mr Shenton?

  4. Well it's a start I suppose and they actually printed this comment I left....
    2 Article Comments
    Posted July 19, 2011 at 3:28 pm
    If you think we’re all going to fall for this load of baloney, you are very, very mistaken.
    The truth is out there on the internet in some very well researched blogs.
    The JEP continues to ignore the facts and the local population are sick to death of it.
    I,along with many, haven’t, and will not buy your pathetic attempt at brainwashing.
    You really are pathetic.

    Report abuse

    Posted July 19, 2011 at 10:18 pm
    Totally agree with you Edward the JEP is completely out of touch with the feelings of the middle class and working class of Jersey there continuing declining sales prove this to any thinking person

    mmm maybe someone is on holiday???

  5. In at the deep endJuly 20, 2011 7:25 pm

    What have you done Benny boy?

  6. wasn't it Shenton who secretly recorded a phone call from a politician and saved it to use later
    isn't that a form of hacking? Pots and Kettles come to mind.

  7. Faces Behind the names Ben Shenton

  8. It could also be seen as an attempt to blackmail the people he was recording.

  9. JEP reporter Andy Sibcy prints as front page news: We took NOTW reporter to dinner to stop inaccurate stories being printed, insists the former deputy police chief [Lenny Harper].

    Then also on the front page on same report: NOTW printed a story with the headline "All kiddie killers left with were burnt bones and 65 teeth".

    Therefore JEP readers are at last being able to see the light.

  10. Sorry, should have properly quoted: All kiddie killers left were burnt bones and 65 teeth.

  11. Isn't it incredible how Mr Harper is always prepared to answer any question put to him, and at any time, without the slightest fear or hesitation, and with no prior knowledge of the question?

    Then we look at the way in which Ian Le Marquand deals with the exact same topics. When asked a pertinent question he starts laughing whilst talking, as though the subject matter is in some strange way, of a humorous nature. He then starts drifting to other topics, and then finally ends up coming to the trite conclusion that, he recalls something about a conversation or a letter but might not be sure if he was mistaken!!! The true sign of a guilty conscience.

    Then we look at Terry "The" Sewer, he goes off on a tangent at the drop of a hat, and before long, we are talking about a subject a million miles from the reality of the original question? And that is after he has run every question through the Law Officers Department first.

    Anyone who has even the slightest knowledge of human psychology, knows in an instant who is telling the truth out of the three of them....

  12. Ben Shentons grandfather also called Ben was a corrupt police officer during the occupation. He was an informer who gave the Nazis names of troubled youths some of whom were sent to concentration camps. Tony Faramus wrote about this in his biography.

  13. Ian, you asked, "Isn't it incredible how Mr Harper is always prepared to answer any question put to him, and at any time, without the slightest fear or hesitation, and with no prior knowledge of the question?"


    It goes to the solid character of the man, doesn't it? Mr Harper keeps answering all the questions, providing all the details, which always brings us back to the truth about the abuse. You Jersey bloggers then keep it all out there in the international public domain where it can never be made to disappear. Jersey has some devoted Truth Protectors who are working well to strengthen each others' efforts.


  14. Dont get too excited Ian. For whatever reason The rag didn't even put this front page story on thisisjersey.

  15. Ta Luv :) XXX

    It is most gratifying to receive some praise in what is, for the most part, a thankless task.

    Your thoughts are much appreciated by ALL of us....

  16. Good job Ian, sorry about being full on but these are trying times lol

    Cheers for getting this up


  17. Don't be sorry Rico, I respect the honest opinion of "MEN" like yourself, and Neil, and Stuart, and TJW, who are not afraid to stand up and be counted.

  18. The rag didn't need to put it up on thisisjersey, because those who don't bother with the print edition can simply read it here. Its the ones who still buy the paper who need educating about Lenny Harper.

    How strange they published something fair to Harper now, though. The rag must feel the growing pressure from bloggers and now also from the scrutiny witness accounts. So even those working on behalf of the establishment find the distortions and bias too extreme. And anyone watching the VOICE video part when the JEP photographer snap photos of abuse survivors could see that hostile intimidation factor at work.

    It suggests the rag is finally concerned about wider exposure of their complicity. We have witnessed a lot more press humbling lately, so maybe they can see the writing on the wall.


  19. Elle

    If you knew what went on yesterday, you wouldn't be so surprised, trust me :)

  20. Ian

    Did Rico speak "truth to power," as they say, by asking the JEP to report honestly? Or was it what SAV said as a Scrutiny witness? Or, did I miss some other event?


  21. Elle

    Email Rico tomorrow, he will fill you in. It is not for me (with respect)

  22. It is a fair point, though. Mr Harper's attempts to stop the NOTW printing exaggerated claims about murders did not work.