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Saturday, 2 July 2011

"Jersey Cop Suspected Of Covering Up Child Abuse - Get's Promoted!!!"

Local boy promoted to Superintendent

Cover-up TV says

A Jersey police officer with more than 30 years' experience has been promoted to superintendent.

Andre Bonjour, will be responsible for 'uniformed operations'.

He says there are challenges ahead. But believes there are also opportunities to improve the way things are done.

One of his key aims is to work more closely with the Honorary Police.

Superintendent Bonjour said “I am delighted to have been appointed to the post of Superintendent Operations and I look forward to working as part of a cohesive management
team providing leadership and support to officers and staff so they can continue to deliver an excellent policing service to the public.

"Working with our Honorary Police colleagues and other partner agencies I welcome the opportunity to improve visibility and reassurance to the public whilst also seeking to reduce crime further. There are undoubtedly going to be challenges ahead but there are also opportunities for us to change the way we police for the better.”

Don't you just love the way that our (child abuse cover up sponsoring) local media portray matters? Why is it left to the blogger's to get the truth out there? BBC, CTV & JEP are going to wish they had gone with the right side by the time this is all over, no saving you now, it's to late....

An insight Into Andre Bonjour - From Lenny Harper's Affidavit
From paragraph 64:
For some time, Legal Advisor Laurence O’Donnell and I had been concerned at the difficulty in prosecuting paedophiles in cases of historic abuse.  This had been exacerbated by difficulties over the case of Paul Every, who was the commanding officer of the Jersey Sea Cadets and who was also a senior civil servant in the Chief Minister’s office.  He was arrested as part of the national “Operation Ore” where the FBI had netted thousands of suspects who had used their credit cards to pay for Internet sites involving child pornography.  He was one of a number of senior Sea Cadet officers arrested for serious sexual crimes against children.  After his arrest he had not been suspended from Sea Cadet activities and because of my concerns for the safety of the children involved, I disclosed the information about his arrest to the Sea Cadet authorities.  Among the sites he had searched on his computer were a number involving “naked sea cadets” and other child pornography sites.  The Sea Cadet authorities in Jersey were not responsive, telling me that a man “is innocent until proven guilty.”  I eventually had to go to London and threaten to stand at the gates of the Sea Cadet HQ and disclose to individual parents before they took action.”
From paragraph 65:
“The concerns led us in 2006 to start looking at cases which had been brought.  Early on I became worried about one case where a retired senior police officer (Chief Inspector de la Haye) was implicated in passing information to paedophiles about a police investigation but did not appear to have been interviewed.  It appeared that billing had been carried out on his telephones but had revealed nothing further.  I was still uneasy and asked the investigating officer why de la Haye had not even been interviewed.  She told me that she had been instructed not to by the then head of CID, Chief Inspector Bonjour.  This was even more of a concern than it would have normally been as the Head of CID was also an officer in the Jersey Sea Cadets.”
From paragraph 72:
“The report was submitted to CI Bonjour who was also the officer who had prevented de la Haye from being interviewed as mentioned earlier.  However, nothing ever materialised from Mr Bonjour and the officer had heard nothing.  Eventually an enquiry was carried out by South Yorkshire Police into the allegations against the Head of CID but it was still pending when I retired.”
The above extracts were taken from Lenny Harper's latest sworn Affidavit.
The whole of this Affidavit can be read on Stuart Syvret's blog at the green link below.


  1. Well Mr Bonjour- why not start your new position with the deeply conflicted situation you found yourself in when you were involved in the Sea Cadets and my granddaughter was assaulted as a young teenager whilst part of this 'organisation'.

    You are/were aware of what happened and in your position as a 'police officer' did absolutely nothing.

    The result of this is a damaged youngster, and you failed in your duty Mr Bonjour. You are not fit for promotion let alone hold the title as a police officer.


  2. GeeGee,

    it also indicates the intentions of our new Chief Police Officer - Mr Mike Bowron, as I see matters.


  3. Hello Ian. I think that Bowron didn't get a look in when it came to promoting Bonjour. I would guess that the Law officers were behind the promotion for services rendered or not as the case may be.

  4. Then if that is the case Hymie, Mr Bowron can be shoved around at will by the Establishment, therefore my point is relative....

  5. I agree with you Ian. A lot of people are tainted with the corruption and the cracks are beginning to show.

  6. CRACKS!!!

    You mean gaping wounds!


  7. Its shows one thing though. Harper has no influence over anything now.

  8. Considering Lenny Harper retired a few years back, it is hardly surprising that he has no influence over anything now! Doh....

    Another example of Oligarchy trolling at it's most inane.

  9. What happened to the investigation by South Yorkshire Police since Lenny Harpers retirement?

    ''The Jersey Way''

    A suspect not interviewed on the say so of the now acting Superintendent.

  10. Perhaps Graham Power might know as he stayed on a little longer before being bushwacked?

  11. Got an exclusive for you Ian. Another notorious beast is up in court tomorrow morning. I understand his brother recently got a long sentence for beasting in the UK. It seems that we are exporting them now. Scumbags.

  12. Hymie,

    In the current jersey court case, were these crimes against children?


  13. I also agree with you on this Ian