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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Jersey Comedians To Team Up As Trio"

Call for investigation into police links with newspaper

THREE States Members have called for an official investigation into whether States police officers were paid by journalists for information during the Haut de la Garenne inquiry.
Deputy Sean Power, Senator Ben Shenton and Senator Jim Perchard have written a joint letter to the Attorney General and the police chief calling for action in the wake of revelations and allegations about the News of the World.
It has been alleged that reporters from the Sunday tabloid not only routinely hacked the mobile answer phone messages of celebrities, politicians and the victims of crime and terrorism, but also paid corrupt police officers for information.
The three Island politicians say that they have been concerned since 2008 about the way the investigation was handled and have raised the matter in the States on several occasions.

Ahhh - the Farce Blog (three) rear their very ugly heads again!

Couldn't be three nicer blokes. Three of our more 'upstanding', honest, whiter than white politicians!

No 1 - 'Borrows' a very personal e-mail which he 'found' on a printer. Conveniently managed to reproduce it on one aforementioned Farce Blog, and then went off sick for some time from the States.

No 2 - Tapes a fellow Senator's phone call to use in evidence against him quite some time later. Also appears to have gross contempt for the ordinary working man.

No 3 - Suggests that fellow Senator should go and 'slit his wrists', and to all intents and purposes himself leaked information to the very dubious David Rose.

Three of our best, who have all shown an extremely nasty side to themselves, and furthermore, appear to have an unhealthy interest in rubbishing the Child Abuse issue.

Funnily though, the more they try, the more suspicious we all get. However we must thank them for keeping it in the public eye!

As for the JEP printing this trash when they know the track records of all three is way, way beyond me! Or on second thoughts, maybe not!


  1. as well as giving suicide advice dosn't jimbo leak for free?

    benny boy is into home recording

    and power steals and distributes e's


  2. It's those three monkeys again See some evil do some evil and hide some evil.