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Saturday, 2 July 2011

"Is Anything Fair In Jersey?"

Is Waterfront Hotel deal unfair?

THE States are pushing all of their corporate business towards the Radisson Hotel because they receive turnover-related rent for the prime Waterfront site, it has been suggested by a public spending watchdog.
Questions will be asked in the States next week over whether or not the kickback deal – and the fact that States departments are directing all their custom towards the hotel – is fair.
Senator Ben Shenton, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, also wants the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority to investigate.

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  1. Only an idiot or someone on a backhander would sign that contract said Ben Shenton,in a fit of pique I suspect,and was asked to withdraw it which he duly smoke without fire though Eh Ben..point made and registered we know guys ...don't we.