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Monday, 4 July 2011

"Hat's Off To Harper & Co"

"Harper Annihilates 'The Jersey Way' In An Instant"

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They Should Be Printing T-Shirts "We Were There"

I don't want to say too much at this point as we are awaiting the full unadulterated "BULLSHIT" from the criminal
"JERSEY EVENING POST" lame excuse for a newspaper!

One thing that must be said though, is the following:

Today's events marked the most profound turning point in 800 years of pure Oligarchy shyte.

There are many heroes and heroines today, not least of which
are the survivors & their supporters who turned out in awe of a pure Gentleman,

This 'man' waltzed off into his well earned "GOLDEN YEARS" with no burden attached,
yet he, and Graham Power never forgot the survivors of HDLG and other 'alleged care homes'
in Jersey.

These guy's should be carefree, and enjoying life, yet they stay and fight for those who were denigrated by this filthy disgusting regime in Jersey, and elsewhere.

I have many contacts on the mainland who state that Jersey is the "MOTHER" of all paedophilia in the UK and Europe.

Even dwarfing Medomsley, Kincora, Islington, Bryn Estyn and Witherwack put together!!!
And of course, not forgetting the (very sad) Hollie Grieg case.

Tribute and Praise today, must go to the following - and in no particular order.

Carrie Modral, Graham Power, Stuart Syvret, Big Dave, Lenny Harper, WebGuru, Trevor Pitman, Neil McFlurry, Monty Tadier, Jill Gracia, Daniel Wimberley, TJW, Danni Jarmin, Rico Sorda, Roy Le Herissier, Brian Claire, "C", Oh, and that chick that looks like LULU who never misses a hearing, and every single victim/survivor of any disgusting abuse in this wretched septic isle of Jersey, Channel Islands.

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it's speaker a raving lunatic."



  1. I have been beseeching politicians and religious leaders to help put an end to this horrible destruction of children, which is STILL going on, and which will never stop until the nasty people who abused and covered up the abuse are exposed in the public arena and shown up for what they are. Mostly I have been branbded as a nut job and a pest for doing so. I am a survivor of Staffordshire Pindown so I understand what a wretched time the Jersey survivors had of it.

    Zoompad (I still cant post using my Google ID on your blog Ian, thanks to the hackers)

  2. Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret has left a new comment on the post "JERSEY – OR PALERMO?":


    Lenny Harper's interview with the Scrutiny Panel this morning was dynamite.

    Not only did his evidence utterly discredit - in every conceivable way - the methodology and work of BDO Alto - he also went on to explain that it was very difficult to view the events that had occured as anything less than a deliberately and careful targeted attempt to sabotage and discredit the child abuse investigation.

    Discredit the investigation - not because Mr. Harper was the real target - but because Jersey's public authorities wanted to discredit the victims of child abuse.

    Mr. Harper explained how BDO Alto - at no stage - contacted him to question him in any way about the matters they were supposed to be investigating; an wholly extraordinary omission - as he was the person making virtually all expenditure decisions concerning the abuse inquiry.

    It was further explained how Mr Kellet - was an associate of Mick Gradwell, and it was Kellet, in fact, who largely wrote the report that BDO Alto were paid to later put their name and imprimatur upon.

    It was revealed by Mr. Harper that no part of his statement to Wiltshire should have been disclosed - but that it was leaked to BDO Alto - almost certainly by David Warcup.

    Mr. Harper explained how very contradictory and changing explanations had been given by Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand.

    It was explained how internal information had been leaked by Jersey authorities to the child -abuse denier "journalist" David Rose. In particular, Mick Gradwell leaked the obviously defective and rigged "financial" information to Rose, to help Rose trash the abuse inquiry.

    Mr. Harper also confirmed that a confidential police e-mail to the Chief Minister's department, that had come into the hands Senator Jimmy Perchard - had then been leaked - by Perchard to David Rose. That e-mail had either been grossly misrepresented by Rose in the subsequent article - or it had been manipulated and altered - before it was given to Rose by Perchard.

    The BDO Alto report criticises expenditure on the grounds of the alleged "piece of coconut". As Mr Harper explained - there is, in fact - zero scientific evidence that it is coconut or wood. On the contrary, it contains collagen.

    Mr. Harper then went on to explain the forensic anthropologist report that identified a number of human, juvenile bone fragments, which the experts described as being "fleshed and fresh at time of burning".

    Mr. Harper explained how BDO Alto would have been able to recived these explanations from him - all of which are verifiable upon the scientific, documented evidence - had they acted in accordance with accountancy industry governance codes, and spoke to him. Instead, they failed to do that, and consequently produced a profoundly defective report.

    In summary, the whole exercise of the suspension of Graham Power, the Wiltshire inquiry, and BDO Alto - is crashing down in flames as I type.

    The cover-up - is in melt-down.

    Mr Harper had no hesitation in saying that the BDO Alto part of the exercise was just a component piece - in a wider conspiracy by Jersey's public authorities and certain individuals to cover-up the full extent of previously hidden child abuse in Jersey.

    It was sensational.

    Now - let's see what Jersey's mainstream media make of the hearing.


  3. That summed it up in one fell swoop!!!

  4. Slowly Slowly catchy monkey. Sure is looking dim for the Oligarchy the millstones of true justice grind ever so slowly but they do grind exceedingly small.

  5. Thank you my anonymous friend :)

    And for all your support since I have known you, a truly remarkable person, kindest regards

  6. My respect to citizens media in Jersey, you people are so to be admired, and without any violence.


  7. I also admire Jersey's on-line media for joining those around the world who speak truth to power on behalf of those who cannot.

  8. Heep up the good work

  9. You left your own name out of that list, of fighters and supporters.
    Ian Evans, I have great admiration for what you are doing.

  10. Hi Ian

    There are a great team of bloggers out there all gelling together to expose the truth. I have nothing but admiration for you all. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Ian (sorry) :) Carrie xx

  11. Thank you Carrie hun, just got home from work so tinnies in the fridge.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes xxx

  12. Hi Ian

    Happy Birthday Dear, and well done to all you bloggers who are doing such sterling work, and to Lenny Harper who has been there straight as a die, still trying to help our children when he should be as you say, enjoying his retirement.

    Many thanks to one and all, and by the way I have heard that Ozouf and Le Sewer are LIVID, yes LIVID, that this Scrutiny on the BDO and Lennys evidence etc has come out, they thought it had all gone away !!!

    Aaaah, what have you done???

    Cindy Lou Poo x

  13. Yes, Ian, you Jersey bloggers and the Scrutiny Panel may have caught some pedophile protectors off guard with all this cursed transparency and honesty! How could they allow so much incriminating information to see light of day? Wasn't Senator Ferguson supposed to take responsibility for keeping the facts covered up and far away from public view? I suspect you are witnessing some accidental democracy in action. Heheh.


  14. Well Anonymous - if Le Sueur and Le Marquand are LIVID they actually have no-one but themselves to blame.

    It may (or probably not)interest them to know that there are quite a few Abuse Survivors who are also LIVID about the delays and prevaricating over the issues of the Committee of Inquiry and compensation claims.

    Different when the boot is on the other foot eh Ministers?