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Monday, 11 July 2011

"God Help Us"

Former Jersey Bailiff will stand for senator role


Former Jersey Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache will stand for senator in the next Jersey election.

As Bailiff Sir Philip was the president of the States of Jersey and the island's chief judge for 14 years between 1995 and 2009.
After retiring as Bailiff he continued as a judge until 2011 when he resigned from judicial office to stand for the States of Jersey.
He said he would be standing on a platform of constitutional reform.
Sir Philip said: "I am taking this step because it seems to me the States have lost their way and reform is urgently needed to restore respect in the political system.
"I will be standing on a platform of constitutional reform which will see a reduction in the number of States members to 42."
Jersey goes to the polls on 19 October in an election in which for the first time all Deputies, Constables and half of Senators will be elected on the same day.
The number of senatorial seats available in the election will be reduced from the current six to four from October.

Sir Philip said: "I am taking this step because it seems to me the States have lost their way and reform is urgently needed to restore respect in the political system.

YES....They have lost their way for Phil's liking, they are now beginning to question the overt corruption that has been allowed to flourish over the generations in Jersey.


  1. Amazing how deep the addiction to power or the illusion of power runs....some cannot abide being simply a citizen....there was much when this guy was in power he could have done to improve the lives of was not done...and as they say if you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem..I sincerely hope he fails in his attempts.trying to hide a selfish agenda under a good motive...typical Jersey judicial approach..sick.

  2. This smacks of desperation on behalf of the establishment if they are forced into wheeling this bloke out. THE END IS NIGH.

  3. The hustings will be fun!

  4. If Stuart is not in jail he must be encouraged to run. There will never be such an opportunity again to confront the issues. It would be very demanding - so a good time too for his anonymous supporters to come out from the shadows.
    On the basis of the Vernon Tomes precedent, Pip Bailhache will achieve nothing from the back benches. Tomes promised constitutional change too but did nothing as Senator and he had "ministerial" status as head of Public Services.
    The spectacle of Bailhache serving under Chairman Tadier on a scrutiny panel would be interesting too but won't happen. There must be a hidden master plan here. The crown of roving Foreign Secretary has yet to be confirmed on somebody's head and although Cohen wants to carry on with it (elected or not)there are others who would love it. Bailhache would surely love the international status too and he could plan for Jersey's independence (and certain bankruptcy) from there too.

    As for Le Marquand as the one eyed expert in the land of the blind - well now there would be two.
    Interesting times ahead!! Wonder if Citizen Philip will speak with the bloggers? Tom Gruchy asks...

  5. "As for Le Marquand as the one eyed expert in the land of the blind - well now there would be two."


  6. The block voting of the majority of the Connetables is the problem. Barely a vote between them and only parochial. No Island wide mandate, yet, en masse, the most clout in the Assembly.


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  7. ian
    as i have said before we will not win with words or facts when not if the pedo protecter bailhache gets in the ministers will get there confidence back and unfortunately every good person on this island will suffer.most of the states are like a disease with just a small few to fight it.i do not think there is such a thing as peacefull revolution.but untill this happen,s the rape of this island and the good people will go on and on. and on that note i hope to god im wrong

  8. Son of SamaresJuly 12, 2011 8:43 pm

    During the time Bailhache presided over the states assembly, neither he nor his brother ever lifted a finger to warn some of our elected morons that while they discussed and passed legislation, that they were treasonously destroying some if not most of our Common Law Rights - unalienable rights. As it was obvious that none of these elected morons knew or ever understood the difference between what is legal and what is Lawful, nor between what is "reasonable cause" and what is "Probable cause" - Nothing like advancing a good old police state to keep everyone on track...

    Bailhache, this power addicted multicultural Fabian Socialist wolf in sheep's clothing, or if you like, "the Banker's Boy", will continue to sell Jersey, including grandma into the European Forth Reich and stealthily on into implementing the UN's Agenda 21 wherever possible.

    As for the Constables, well a Jerseyman, I never thought I would ever say this, but I will and here goes; I firmly believe that all the constables should be thrown out of the States! I say this because as they now stand they are in fact a political block party unto themselves - this would immediately save the taxpayer half a million pounds per year. And why not? Especially so when looking at their recent voting record, where one has to wonder where in the world some of these idiots have come from! Let the Parish pay their salaries and you will immediately discover that none are worth more than £20k per year. Perhaps, as a consideration the Constables and their committee could be represented in a new States Assembly by one of their own choosing, thereby giving them ONE collective vote and no more.

    As for Le Marquand, well this one is definitely beyond all meaning of weird with a major screw loose. Remember this idiot, when on the 9th of December 2009 he told the States Assembly that it was perfectly alright for the States Police to break the Law! What is it about the "Oath of Office"that appears to have been lost? I doubt that even Bailhache himself remembers what it is for...

  9. I wonder which articulate rebel wrote the above comment?

    Hmmm....let me think!

  10. Oh, by the way, we have done another deconstruction of a Government Demands last week.

    Our "HONEST" Government have failed to respond within the allocated time, wonder what that means?


  11. Now it is clear why there was such a rearguard action by the Establishment (financial elite) to retain all twelve Senators – it was to ensure there would be a seat for Citizen Bailhache. Note the timing of his announcement – a few days after the final defeat. This has been planned for some time. Was Deputy Labey part of this arrangement or merely its naive agent? The sentiment about “island wide mandate” is exposed as tosh; it was a conspiracy against democracy to shoe in a Royalist Aristocrat.

    With only four Senatorial seats now available, a number of the right-wingers will be looking at the prospects of certain failure and end of their political career, having been edged out by Citizen Bailhache. We will never know, but there must have been copious amounts of blood split on Establishment floors as this announcement was negotiated and more to come.

    Bailhache’s conception of constitutional reform seems to be limited to reducing the number of State Members. Ironically, he presumably does not wish this to be achieved by reducing the number of Senators? Whatever happened to the democratic counterweight proposed by Clothier, of one category of member, larger constituencies, one day election etc? Citizen B is no reformer – he is the personification of the counter revolution. The Establishment are so desperate that they must throw in the Old Guard to stop the rout, in a last chance bid to save their crumbling “Small Island Nation”.

    If former Senator Stuart Syvret is free, he should be encouraged to stand. This will enliven the Senatorial hustings no end and save us from having to listen to the nasal whining of wannabes and effete has-beens.

  12. Could things get any worse?