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Friday, 22 July 2011

"The Filthy Rag (JEP) Just Cannot Help Their Backward Selves" only took four days for the Jersey Evening Post to revert back to type on the Lenny Harper issue. Rob Shitley just couldn't help himself but have another pop at Mr Harper, and with the piss poor title of the article being "The Cost Of Dinner".

What about "The Cost Of Dinner" at the Bistro Central Restaurant?
The favoured place for our top Oligarchy's to wine and dine their "helpful friends" from around the globe? Did the citizens of Jersey not pay for those little peregrinations?

The whole bottle of Brandy? and at £35 a shot!
and there were only five of them present.

Rob Shitley should go and sit down in a dark corner and have a serious word with himself. When that done, he should then campaign for a "Freedom Of Information Law" so that he can investigate "The Cost Of Dinner" issues regarding the ponces who rob us blind, and do it year upon year, upon year.

"Good Job Shitley"

"A Backwards Glance" just sums up the Jersey Evening Post beautifully


  1. Ian.

    Rob Shipley and Chris Bright are fast becoming a laughing stock that really can't be taken seriously.

    When talking about the NOTW they call it the "disgraced" paper. These two churnalists just don't get it do they?

    Rob, Chris, your paper isn't called "The Filthy Rag" without a reason. The paper that you two churn out is "disgraced". It has been exposed by internet Bloggers, time and time again for being "The House Journal." Wake up and smell the coffee, you're on your way out and you've only yourselves to blame.

  2. Ian.

    To qualify my last comment, one only needs to watch THIS.

    The Jersey Evening Post were churning out headlines like "The Lavish Lifestyle of Lenny Harper" etc. Without even asking him a single question about his expenses......................"disgrace"

  3. I thought you might be back with something else VFC :)

  4. Ian.

    As you know, we could be here for a month of Sundays with similar stuff. But I just can't be a*sed I don't take them seriously enough any more.

  5. The State's Media is just the State Media as in any third world dictatorship, no matter what their pretense of news journalism.

  6. Sarah HocquardJuly 22, 2011 8:25 pm

    I am shocked after watching your video, I am shocked that no one lifted a finger to investigate any of these allegations.

    I do feel so sorry for Mr Harper, this is disgraceful.

  7. Oh what double standards (yet again) the filthy Rag portray. As VFC so very rightly says they were only too happy to rubbish Lenny Harper with their sensational headlines about his 'lavish spending', which even Steve Austin Vautier was at a loss to explain. Rather OTT for what was 'just an audit'.

    It may have escaped the JEP's notice that there actually WERE 65 teeth and fresh and fleshed burnt bones found at Haut de La Garenne and child abuse DID take place there and in other care homes.

    These are facts, unlike what we read in this excuse for a paper.

    What does it take to get the message through? because you are fighting a daily losing battle now.

  8. Perhaps we should invite Gradwell back over, just to parade the fleshed & fresh bones, and the childrens teeth on Cover-up TV, and invite BBC Jersey to cover it!

    What a coup that would be....

  9. GEE GEE.

    Quite right, nothing that was in the NOTW has been disproved! indeed notwithstanding the teeth, and multiple bone fragments, "Fresh and fleshed" bones when burnt etc. We also have the cellars that don't EXIST

  10. What about bringing the tooth fairy back for a running commentary.

  11. Too late Shitley.

    Sibcy's front page report on Wednesday said it all.

    Your silly little bit on tonights page 16.

    Is a little kick in the air....

    After the damage has already been done!!?

  12. Ian

    My opinion is that it is better to let that that mockery of a paper have all the States Run Paedoprotecting Media rope it needs to hang itself with. More subtle and sophisticated propaganda might be effective and persuasive to an undecided reader but the RAG hacks are not known for even managing that. The outrageously unethical RAG is finally going to be completely humiliated by the glaring spotlight of depictions by outside reporters and by the permanent historical accounts of their complicity in all this. Mark my words. It is a powder keg waiting to blow up in their oh-so-deserving faces. If I thought that wouldn't happen I would not try so hard to bring international attention to this scandal.


  13. Hi Ian.

    Just put up the Audio from Deputy Roy Le Hérissier gives a Statement to the House.You & your readers can Liten to it HERE