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Friday, 8 July 2011

"The Fat Lady Ain't Sang Yet!!!"

Ex-Jersey politician Stuart Syvret 'unlikely' to stand

Stuart Syvret Mr Syvret was ordered to pay the States' legal costs when his case was thrown out in June

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Former Jersey politician Stuart Syvret has yet to decide if he will stand in the island's forthcoming elections.
His attempt to sue the States of Jersey, the former attorney general, the chief minister and employment board was thrown out in June.
Mr Syvret had been trying to prove he was wrongfully dismissed from his job as Health Minister in 2007.
He said he had been left unemployed and practically homeless since leaving the States of Jersey.
'completely honest'
"I am asked often by people, survivors [of child abuse] and so on whether I am going to stand again.
"I spent the best years of my life, from the age of 25 to 45 in politics and whether I was right or wrong I can say hand on heart I was always completely honest, sincere and ethical and hard working throughout," he said.
Mr Syvret lost his seat as a Senator in the States of Jersey after he was absent from the island for six months from October 2009.
He came second in a by-election in June 2010 to Francis Le Gresley.
Jersey goes to the polls on Wednesday 19 October.


  1. It stands to reason that sueing the States of Jersey is more important than standing for Senator.

    Realistically how could he stand on a platform with sueing the States of Jersey still very much live.

    It is understandable when he says he is not sure if he will stand in the October election.

    You never know the current States of Jersey could be in ruins by then....

    Why shouldnt he be leaving his options open?

  2. Stuart...stand again...please I understand if you don't but it could be the redeeming hand to've come this far and to get in against Baillache would be a crowning glory....your call.