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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Cohen Does One"

Jersey planning minister Senator Freddie Cohen resigns

Senator Freddie Cohen Senator Cohen has been planning minister for six years

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A senior Jersey politician has resigned as minister for planning and environment to concentrate on his foreign minister role.
At the end of 2010, Senator Freddie Cohen was appointed as the assistant chief minister for UK and international relations.
Senator Cohen said that the demands of this growing role had led to him giving up the planning minister job.
He thanked the planning and environment team and praised their work.
He said he believed that over the past six years the planning department had delivered "substantial improvements" to the management of Jersey's built environment.
In a letter to Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Terry Le Sueur, Senator Cohen thanked him for his support.
He said he had decided to resign so that he could serve Jersey in an international relations role, which, he said required dedicated commitment.
In a statement the minister said the two roles were causing clashes leading to meetings being cancelled.
He said: "To give but one example, over the last two weeks, as a result of the extended Island Plan debate, I have been forced to cancel meetings with over twenty leading parliamentarians and officials at Westminster and in Brussels.
"Consequently, last Friday, I signed 17 letters of apology as I had been forced to reschedule these meetings. These included letters to the UK Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister."
Senator Cohen has just over three months left in office before the election on 19 October.


  1. What's that growing out the back of his head...could it remotely be a conscience trying to escape...>

  2. To spend more time with his family......or with his boyfriend. ???
    It's probably not racist abuse, someone probably called him a poofter !!!

    I'll understand if you don't post this
    Ian !!....

  3. I remember a case where jewish graves were desecrated. The perpetrators were found to be jews. It would be interesting to hear Freddies views on this.

  4. Hymie,

    Wouldn't be the first or last incident of a person of the Jewish faith pretending to be a victim of anti-Semitism when they have done the deed themselves. The case of the Jewish student in the US immediately springs to mind, but there are more in the grey recesses of my mind somewhere.

    Out of interest, if a Jewish person is not of the Semite sort and is of the Ashkenazi or Sephardic persuasion, can they accuse a person of anti-Semitism?

    The Beano is not the Rag