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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

"THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN" Special Feature-Ian Le Marquand & his Spinning Clowns

Minister: There must have been leaks
When will Le Marquand
stop the lies?

Lenny Harper talks to the press....Why wouldn't he???
LEAKED details of the Haut de la Garenne inquiry which sparked scurrilous headlines in the News of the World are likely to have come from the police, the Home Affairs Minister said yesterday.

Senator Ian Le Marquand revealed his alarm in a written statement which further fuels suspicions of inappropriate links between officers and journalists from the former Sunday tabloid.

‘I am very concerned that the News of the World is referred to twice in the independent reports which I have received in relation to the Haut de la Garenne investigation,’ the Senator said.

The Cuckoo & The Rats!

This Clown Is Cuckoo!!!


  1. They just don't get it do they, no matter how much they try and spin it ,yet again Jersey's answer to Pravda will go down in history as the pedophile protectorate. At least the news of the world for all it's faults exposed pedophiles and campaigned for Sarahs law.

  2. Sarah s law would serve to send paedophiles underground and make it harder to find and prosecute them. But then again she is a friend of Tony Blair so this could have been her intention.


  4. YES....I know all about that, but whats the link with Sara Payne???

  5. NOTW - leaks - Jimmy Perchard.

    I recall you said in the Scrutiny Hearing you had never heard this mentioned Mr Le Marquand.

    Just a reminder.

  6. It wouldn't make any difference if we had Sarah's law in place in Jersey, we already know the names of some of the abusers , and where they live. Some of them are still very active in our comunity .
    People just don't care.

  7. AHEM!!! Some of us do matey :)