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Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Can The Public Please Do Ozouf's Job For Him?"

Can you join the quest to save millions?

Jess (flucking) Dunsdon reports

To help find annual savings of £65 million by 2013, Jersey's government is calling on islanders for ideas.

Some of the ideas already put forward by islanders include charging patients for prescriptons and reducing the number of politicians.

And with just £12 million saved this year - the States look like they need all the help they can get to stick to their savings target.

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf is behind a new States web page called Value Jersey.

It has a dual purpose - to keep islanders up-to-date about progress on spending cuts and to gather any brainwaves for saving cash.

The Treasury is currently sifting through more than 300 different savings ideas proposed by departments to meet the savings target, but individual staff members are also on the case.

Their ideas include:
No free parking for States Members or States staff.

An amnesty for return of borrowed equipment from the health department.

Less frequent cleaning of States buildings.

Consider whether the Fire Service needs a rescue boat when we also have the RNLI.

Reduce the number of politicians.

Means test universal benefits.

Increase the pension age - higher and sooner.

Require healthy benefit claimants to do unpaid work for States (like street cleaning).

Introduce a sewage handling charge and re-introduce prescription charges subsidised for long-term sick and low earners.

Suggestions from islanders include:
Privatising car parks.

Online booking for States sports facilities.

Schools to email information to parents rather than send letters.

Texting patients a reminder before outpatient appointments.

Charge patients who then miss their appointment.

Reduce the length of time claimants receive Income Support after they start a new job.

Increase Social Security contributions for higher earners and their bosses.

Re-introduce prescription charges and stop golden handshakes.

Can you do better?

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