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Monday, 25 July 2011

"Burglary Figures Down - Has Someone Advised People To Shut Their Windows?"

Crime down by 7% in Jersey

It seems Jersey has become a safer place to live - figures out today show crime is down by 7%.

One of the biggest drops has been in the number of burglaries and the 2010 figure is the second lowest in ten years.

But it is not all good news.

Road accidents that resulted in death or serious injury were up.

Burglary in 2010 was at its second lowest for 10 years.

In total, 352 burglaries were recorded in 2010. Of those - 126 - that is just over a third - involved offenders breaking into somebody's home and of that figure 60% of the properties were insecure.

It is difficult to compare jurisdictions when it comes to Violent Crime, because the definition of assault is different in Jersey to that in England and Wales.

But according to the latest report, 83 grave and criminal assaults were recorded in public places. A third of those involved people who knew each other.

69 of the serious assaults occurred at night in St Helier and in 90% of these cases the Police identified a suspect and 74% resulted in prosecutions.

When it comes to safety at home, 54 serious assaults were committed at peoples homes in 2010; of those only one was committed by somebody breaking in. But safety on the roads is a growing concern for Jersey Police.

Although, the overall number of Road Traffic Collisions fell in 2010, the number of RTCs resulting in fatal or serious injury increased from the previous year.

However, despite the obvious road safety concerns, the overall picture for Jersey Policing in 2010 was a good one.


  1. That's because those who commit the crimes are the very people paid by Jersey's tax payers to prevent crimes, the Police.

  2. The figures are massaged, many crimes are not reported for the simple reason that the CID could not find a birds nest.