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Monday, 25 July 2011

"Bio-Hazzard - Jersey - States Buy Back Contaminated Site"

JEP, States buy back property after contamination found

"And No Comment Section!"

THE States have been forced to buy back a property they sold because it is contaminated.
In 2009 the States sold a number of sheds at Mont Mado, Rue de la Mare des PrĂ©s, St John, for £1.2 million. But the buyer, who wanted to build three houses on the site, has found it to be contaminated with petrol, diesel and paints. The States have agreed to buy the site back for the same price it was sold for.
They have also agreed to pay for the legal costs, the cost of the developer’s investigation into the suitability of the land for development and the interest.
The States plan to clean the site and sell it when the market has improved.


  1. The states seem to be dong the right thing, what you must remember is that Mont Mado was the islands refuse site during the 50s and 60s when we were all ignorant of what we were doing, it wasn’t unusual in those days for automotive waste to be tipped along side slaughterhouse and household waste. It’s a learning curve for the world not just Jersey.
    Remember this is green issue not a corruption issue. If you bought a doggy car off a dealer and it was shit, wouldn’t you want your money back?

  2. Oh, hell yes.

    Didn't take it as a corruption issue, took it as the usual lack of learning issue.

    BUT....when you know what shyte they filled the reclaimation site with, it sure as hell don't bode well!!!

  3. So what are your readers doing about radon gas in Jersey?
    Amazing how people get so excited about man made contamination but close their ears and eyes to the naturally occuring deadly stuff that is under all our feet.
    Suggest that you put up a link with Nick Le Cornu's District 1 blog here. He seems to be the only electoral candidate interested in this subject - what are the greenies saying and doing? Deputy Wimberley (with Rondel) is supposed to be on a Scrutiny panel (set up after my lobbying) to look at the dangers or otherwise of the gas in Jersey. What has it discovered? What does it propse to do in future?
    If money back becomes the norm - it could become very expensive where radon gas is concerned! Tom Gruchy says