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Saturday, 16 July 2011

"BBC Jersey - In A Spin!"

Jersey abuse review was refused interview with officer

Three criminal components of Jersey Child Abuse Cover Up

A company reviewing the finances of Jersey's historic child abuse inquiry were refused permission to speak to the senior investigating officer.
Giving evidence to a scrutiny panel report author Mike Kellet said acting chief officer, David Warcup, refused to let the company speak to Lenny Harper.
In a letter Mr Warcup said a legal advisor told him it was not appropriate to let Mr Kellet speak to Mr Harper.

The accountancy firm BDO Alto reviewed the inquiry's financial management.
It did not interview Mr Harper but said he was not given sufficient support.
'financial control'

Mr Kellet said that the content of the report was influenced by not being able to speak to Mr Harper as they had to rely on the financial data collected by the police.
He told the scrutiny panel, under the chairmanship of Deputy Roy Le Herissier, that Mr Harper was too busy with other duties to manage the costs of the inquiry.

"I was astonished by the lack of financial control during this investigation” Mike Kellet Author of report

"There should have been a finance manager and that was one of the major reasons why the finance of Operation Rectangle was not kept under control.
"I was astonished by the lack of financial control during this investigation," he said.
Police in Jersey began a covert investigation into alleged abuse at the former children's home Haut de la Garenne in 2006.

The panel also heard from the Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand who said lessons had been learned and in future things would be done differently.
The panel is expected to give a report to the States and hopes it highlights the need for all concerned parties to be interviewed in future reviews.

I have to say that there was some excellent questioning from the scrutiny panel yesterday, and some astounding answers.

Rico will be covering these points in a blog on Sunday, so I will put up the link as soon as it appears.



  1. Ian.

    Like I have posted elsewhere. What confidence can one have when the BBC publish this.

    "He told the scrutiny panel, under the chairmanship of Deputy Roy Le Herissier"

    The Panel was/is chaired by Deputy Trevor Pitman. At the beginning of the Hearing all Panel Members introduced themselves. Deputy Pitman introduced himself as the chairman. But perhaps that was a little too obscure or cryptic for the "professional" and "accredited" BBC?

  2. Yes, they certainly have a distinct dislike of the facts don't they VFC.

  3. In fairness - Deputy Le Herissier did seem to forget that he was not the chairman from time to time. Deputy Pitman did well, but was clearly new to being in charge.
    On the other hand, the star was surely Rico Sorda who impressed all with his knowledge of this sad saga. If "Mastermind" comes to Jersey he will have his specialist subject ready.
    The Home Affairs Minister was laughibly inadequate at times. His memory failures were so general that there must be serious concerns for his health.
    As has been remarked elsewhere Mr Austin Vautier was very well informed and sharp with his responses and seemed to enjoy the whole process in a nervous sort of way.
    Pity he wasn't pressed a bit harder re the JEP edition that selectively presented the BDO report's findings. Knowing that JEP reporters rely so much on ready-prepared briefings and press releases, it would have been interesting to know what was officially issued at the time.
    Tom Gruchy says.

  4. time to bare arms fight or die the only way words will not work ian you know it i know it.we will keep going round and round it,s the only way i for one will not live to be 100 so i will never see change unless we fight now before its all to late

  5. While we wait for details from events yesterday, as borrowed from PJ, these are some amusing JEP headlines proposed by GeeGee and Boaty Boy:

    "Top numbers man, in charge at Home Affairs Steve Austin Vautier, tries to side step all responsibility. Retired Police Chief Power asks why ? it was his job, we are policeman, he is in legaly responsible in charge of spending taxpayers money, that’s what he does, we catch criminals." -BB

    "Ex SIO Gradwells behaviour was deplorable says his old friend Mike Kellett"-GG

    "S A-V cannot explain why the Jersey Evening Post turned 'just an audit' (his words) into a full 4 page sensationalist damning report into Lenny Harper and Graham Power" -GG

  6. Trevor Pitman did more than well he was superb. All three Deputies did well though which only showed up even more where was the missing Montford Tadier? I can't vote to Deputies Wimberley for Le Herisier but I can and definitely will be voting for Trevor Pitman. The best of all of the Class of 2008. Look forward to seeing the video of Rico's interview.

  7. Hi Ian.

    Just put up some more speeches from the Vote of censure on the Chief Minister. You can Listen to them HERE

  8. Excellent pal, I'm on it now :)