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Friday, 8 July 2011

"BBC Jersey, Cover-up TV & JEP are the Real Hack's & Criminals"

The headline picture (below) in the Jersey Evening Post tonight is spot on,
you only need go to Stuart Syvret's Blog at the blue link directly below
to read the full truth of these matters, and what evidence was found!

The Jersey Evening Post rantings are below,
just left click on the pics to read them.

BBC Jersey, Cover-up TV and the JEP
are the real "Hacks".


  1. Senator Shenton making allegations of corruption between uk police and media.

    Will he be sending in an official complaint outlining his allegations to Scotland Yard?

  2. Ian.

    If Ben Shenton spent as much time trying to expose the abusers, or getting the Abuse Survivors some justice, as he does trying to discredit Lenny Harper, then this island wouldn't be in the mess that it is.

    Why are you so keen to trash this investigation Ben? What have you ever done for the Abuse Survivors? You act like somebody who has got something to hide.

    And the JEP still coming out with their conspiracy theory of the Coconut when Ben Queree heard Lenny Harper say there is no "evidence" in existence that proves it to be anything other than bone belonging to mammal.

  3. They know all too well that no scientific test said it was coconut. It was just the best cover-up story they could come up with at that time. They never counted on Citizens Media to verify the facts. Now they have to create some bizarre controversy linking Lenny Harper to the global Murdoch empire. Won't fly.

  4. Will Mr Shenton put his money where his mouth is will he make allegations to Scotland Yard as printed in tonights JEP?

    I think this could backfire on him big time.

  5. How odd that there was never the headline that according to BDO, WArcup leaked a yet to be completed report to David Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The current JEP headline is an attempt of diversification from the real issue's. they just cannot do journalism.

    What the NOTW did was wrong, but they were investigating and printing the truth.

  6. "Will Mr Shenton put his money where his mouth is..."

    No! More likely he will put his foot in his mouth on this occasion.


  7. Hi Ian.

    Put Some Audio up from last weeks Debate on getting back the 4 lost Senator's. A must listen.

    You can Listen HERE