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Saturday, 9 July 2011

"Battle Against Hospital Bugs" - always read "THE LABEL"

MAJOR plans that would significantly reduce
the chance of critically ill patients at the Hospital catching infections, have been announced !!!

Anne Pryke is actually  going to do something
to earn her States Wages, and



    NO COMMENTS? I thought this was an awesome posting, if only for the label on the bottle :)

  2. Ian,

    Now don't blaspheme please, I took one look and thought 'Oh that is SO clever, brilliant in fact.' But I refrained from commenting because the last time I praised you on your computer skills etc I got a bit of a telling off from you !

    TYhought 'I won't make that mistake again' but here I am having praised you to explain why I didn't praise you.....LOL

    Just don't tell me off !


  3. The label on the bottle of Dettol says it all. I had to get my Dettol bottle out yesterday to do some cleaning. I can't image some small child being forced to drink that liquid, or, could I imagine forcing any fellow human being to drink the liquid either.

    My heart goes out to the poor little soul who was faced with the punishment of having that liquid forced down his throat, no amount of misdemeanours would warrant such treatment.

    Abuse survivors need empathy, love and kindness to get through their ordeals and much more than that people to stand up for them because there was nobody to listen when they needed it most.

    ahimsa (cynide was my code to post this - how apt!)

  4. Make a good tee shirt Ian

  5. Ever thought of a guerilla art campaign???? Would look great stuck around streets of st. helier