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Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Are All These Threats For Nought?"

Cohen target of more abuse

ASSISTANT Chief Minister Freddie Cohen has once again been targeted in an anti-Semitic hate campaign just weeks after receiving a racist death threat and threatening phone calls.
The Senator said that he and his family were left deeply upset last week when a sickening letter arrived at his home address to him and his wife.
‘The content is traditional, deep-rooted, abhorrent anti-Semitism,’ he said. ‘Had the letter been written in the Middle Ages or in the 1930s, the content could have been similar.’


  1. Can Freddie Cohen be in the least bit surprised that many people hate him?

    ALL he need do is look back on his planning decision past.

    No man escapes retribution Freddie boy!!!

  2. Freddies always sticking up for Philip Ozouf.

  3. Does Freddie drink in Chambers?