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Monday, 4 July 2011

"Again - Little - Or No Mention Of Another Accused Of Paedophilia In Jersey"

"Typical Jersey Main Stream Media"
One Tiny Snippet Hidden Away On Page 14 Of "The Filthy Rag"
A.K.A "The Jersey Evening Post"

Only the filthy rag said anything about this case,
And that was the bare minimum!!!

Where any of these cases sexual assaults against children???


  1. Oh well now....another one I knew...Well lets see what sentence he gets handed....Pfft....prob community service like the rest of the SCUM !!!

  2. If stopping him had been a priority, why did it take so long? I wonder if his victims only came forward during Lenny's time in Jersey. Does the accused have connections? Strange that the article does not mention "crimes against women" or "assaults on children," or anything. Crimes committed at a number of different addresses over a period of many years would make it an important news story even in London. Jersey has how many residents, again?

  3. He lived next door to Freddie.

    The word verification is nonce!

  4. I have just received some shocking news on this posting, and I am having to restrain myself on posting it, but I will not jeopardise this case...."Patience is the most profound virtue."

  5. It's a trial. The media are not allowed to say much in case they influence the jury.

    The following links help explain it better, but the pertinent quote (from the Society of Editors) is this:

    'There will be occasions when the principles of open justice and the right of the media to report require to be restricted in order to ensure fair trials or the protection of those who are vulnerable, such as children. The media recognises this need and their own codes of practice encourage responsible reporting to the extent of urging restraint even when the law allows publication.'

    This explains the rules:

    (The UK's Crown Court is the same as your Royal Court)

    This BBC story gives examples of the media causing trials to collapse.

    Hope that helps.

  6. I am not defending David Carrel, but would merely bring to your attention that he was a child victim of not only extreme poverty, but also years and years of sustained physical and sexuel child abuse! Is it any wonder........

  7. "Is it any wonder" ???

    That is a hard one to answer without knowing the history, but it does make a difference.

  8. David Carrel was taken into care by the SOJ in the 1970s and placed in Haut de la Garenne...