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Thursday, 7 July 2011

"ADOLF Would Be Proud Of You"

Vegiztration Cardz fer Vork & Howzingz

NEW immigration controls that will affect every Islander are due to come into force in 12 months.
After a day and half of debate in the States, Members last night overwhelmingly backed the biggest overhaul of housing and work controls for a generation.
As a result, from July 2012 all Islanders and immigrants wanting to move house or get a new job will have to sign up to a central database called the Population Register.
Only then can they be issued with a registration card which will have to be produced before they can rent or buy property, or start work.

Why not just rename the groups so the sheeple know where they stand?

Oligarchy God's
Servants of Super-Rich,
Peasants & Scum.

So much easier don't you think?

Most people in Jersey will have to get a registration card and be added to a population database from 2012.
Jersey's politicians voted in favour of the schemes on Wednesday.
They are being introduced as part of the new control of housing and work law and will be required by anyone wanting to change jobs or move house.
Members also voted to maintain the two-tiered system between qualified and non-qualified people.
But the names of the categories of people working in Jersey will be changed.
Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Paul Routier, said the new names would simplify things.
Greater security
People born in the island or who have lived in Jersey for 10 years or more will be classified as "entitled".
Essential workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals will be known as "licensed" and people who have lived in the island for between five and 10 years will be in the "entitled to work" category.
Everyone else living in Jersey will be known as "registered", which is the same as the current "unqualified" category. This would only allow people to work in certain jobs and live in certain types of housing.
Senator Routier said it would simplify things and even though Jersey would still have a non-qualified sector it would give many of those people greater security in renting property in the island.
Members also voted to make it possible for departments to share information in the database.
The changes are expected to come in from the middle of 2012.


  1. YOU Must Submit Application for Registration....

    Much of the power government has over you is a result of your actions, not theirs.

    ‘Submit’ means ‘to agree to bend to another’s will or to ‘leave to another’s discretion’. An agreement is a contract and must be entered into voluntarily. If you are leaving something to someone else’s discretion, it must have been yours to begin with, right? Again it is voluntary in nature. You can never be lawfully compelled to submit.

    ‘Application’ legally means ‘to beg, plead, petition, implore, entreat or request’ The assumption this creates in court is fivefold; 1) he who begs knows exactly what he is begging for, 2) he knows exactly what he is giving up for it, 3) he is acknowledging the authority to grant OR 4) he is creating it through transference, and 5) he is doing it all voluntarily.

    ‘Registration’ was historically the act of a Ship’s Captain signing over his ship and all chattel contents over to the harbour master for safekeeping. Chattel contents included the condemned, those in debt, prisoners, anything that could be bought or sold and slaves.

    ‘Must’ is likely their trickiest word by far. You will find it used with ‘application’, ‘submission’ and
    ‘registration’ extensively. They try to use it to make you think you have an obligation to act; you do not, for under law, you are never obliged to beg. If I tell you, “You must come to my party through the front door.” Does that create an obligation for you to come to my party? Or does it perhaps merely define conditions, which have to be fulfilled in order for me to have authority over you? If you look in Black’s Law dictionary, you find that ‘must’ is sometimes ‘synonymous with may’.

    One is never obliged to ‘apply’, ‘register’ or ‘submit’.

  2. Please take a read of THIS ARTICLE By Tom Gruchy....

  3. I only heard patches of the Population Housing Work debate but the general enthusiasm of States members for the proposals - even the so called "progressives" - was truly frightening.
    Routier kept remining them too that this was only the first stage and much more will follow in due course! Murdoch is such a Liberal by comparison says Tom Gruchy

  4. ian
    i for one will never have one of those cards, my passport says it all for me not entitled to benefit from european community relating to employment or establishment,those f*ck,s sold jersey people down the shit hole long ago they can put that card were the sun doint shine

  5. Martin

    "NO ONE" is lawfully obliged to apply for, or register anything, and it is unlawful to be punished for not doing so.