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Saturday, 30 July 2011

"Lethal Boy Racer Warning - Yet No Charges For Death Crash Driver"

"Jersey Authorities Double Standards"

Like this car was travelling at 30 mph???

BOY racers who show off behind the wheel are ‘lethal’ and risk killing themselves and others, the Assistant Magistrate warned as she sentenced two men for dangerous driving.
Bridget Shaw said that young male drivers too often had an inflated opinion of their ability to handle a car and took stupid risks, something she called a potentially ‘lethal combination’.
She made the comments during two cases this week, one involving an 18-year-old and the other a 21-year-old. In both, she said the defendants could have killed someone.

"Le Marquand Denies Forgetting To remember What He Never Knew?"

Le Marquand denies ‘disrespecting’ Scrutiny

Our future Chief Minister, according to God!
HOME Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has denied claims that he ‘disrespected’ the Scrutiny process following the resignation of a panel.
Members of the Home Affairs and Education Scrutiny panel recently announced that they were resigning, and cited the attitude of Senator Le Marquand as one of the main reasons.
However, the Senator, who earlier this week announced his intention to stand for Chief Minister in the autumn, believes that the move was more to do with ‘a general frustration’ that has built up within the States and that Members who are not Ministers or Assistant Ministers feel disenfranchised.

"The Land Where Greed Is King"

You have a lovely Island but it’s just too expensive

From Louise Morrison.

YOU can learn a lot about a people when you have lived among them for ten weeks, as I have done in your pleasant Island. I listed my observations of that time in Jersey and I hope I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

My first observation is about the people of Jersey, who I found are among the most generous I have ever met, like the people of Dublin, where I spent the first six weeks of my law studies.
Despite being lambasted by all sorts of taxes, they are willing to go that extra mile for good causes. The recent Itex Walk was a classic example, brave hearts all of them.

My second observation is on your beautiful beaches with golden sands and clear blue waters. St Ouen was my favourite. I found St Brelade’s Bay too much like Coney Island in America.
It was overcrowded, noisy and somewhat intimidating in the evening, with many drunken yobs making people’s lives a misery. Thankfully, the majority of your youth are a credit to their parents.

My third observation is about eating out. There are plenty of good pubs to choose from. The only real moan I have is that the price of wine changes in your restaurants and pubs. I often wonder where are they getting their wine from, and more to the point, who is buying it?
In most supermarkets you can buy any of the wines being served in your restaurants and pubs at a third of the price. You sure know how to frighten holidaymakers away.

I have enjoyed my ten weeks in Jersey, but the question is: would I come back?
Afraid not. It is far too expensive for a holiday. I am going to the Aegean coast in September with my brother and his girlfriend. Ten days including flights: £1,000. My fare to go home from Jersey to the UK cost me £226 one-way.

Tourism will find it has to justify overcharging in eating houses for a drink, and as we all know, wine in particular is one of the cheapest things available right now.

"Jersey Surfers To The Rescue"

Four people who were being swept out to sea in St Ouen's Bay were yesterday evening (Friday) saved by surfers.

A man, a young boy and two girls were caught in a rip tide. It is likely they would have drowned had three surfers not been there.

There are some warnings not to bathe in the La Saline area, but they can be missed.

Yesterday evening a boy, thought to be about 12, entered the sea and was swept out. His father went in to save him, but he too needed to be rescued.

Two girls who were with them were also caught in the rip tide. Luckily three surfers were in the sea and heard the boy screaming for help. Steve Eastman reached the boy and put him on his board, but then had a long and exausting swim back to the shore. It took about 15 minutes to reach safety.

At the same time fellow surfer Thomas Peters went to rescue the boy's father. Thomas also struggled against the fast-flowing rip tide, but managed to bring the man ashore.

And surfer Simon Abels rescued the two girls. All four were able to walk away, but were in a state of shock.

Both Steve Eastwood and Thomas Peters say all of the rescued people are lucky to be alive. The surfers are not looking for plaudits, they just want to warn people about the dangers of swimming at La Saline.

Friday, 29 July 2011

"Skippy - The Bean - A Dangerous Fruitcake"

"Ian Le Marquand - A Dangerous Fruitcake"

"Open Vote For Chief Cover-up Merchant - Dissent Grows Stronger"

For those with failing eyesight, left click on the pic to read it

"Below, another disgruntled customer!!!"

Sure as hell looks like the common man in Jersey has totally had enough!!!


Stay tuned, we will teach you how!
Start with the link below,
"Common Law" is your friend.


"Are The Crown - Clamping Down? - Dissent Is Growing"

So, what is the stunt here?

Could this be a ploy for the States of Jersey to ghost through
a contrivance "alleged" Law with even greater security?
Will a minuscule five lined notice on page 23 of the JEP
be enough for the States of Jersey to claim that they gave "public notice"?

Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Lenny Harper Throws Down The Gauntlet" Will Our Odious Clowns Respond?

I look forward to an inquiry into leaks

From Lenny Harper.

I AM in total agreement with Messrs Power, Shenton and Perchard about the need for a rigorous investigation into leaks to the media during the historical abuse inquiry.
Having said that, the demand by Senator Perchard in particular is a bit like the turkey voting for Christmas, as any inquiry would need to include leaks by politicians, and of course I have already publicly claimed that he leaked a confidential police email to David Rose and that the States refused to investigate the matter.

Such an inquiry would also, of course, have to examine the allegations made by the Home Affairs Minister and Mr Kellet in the Scrutiny panel meeting that Mick Gradwell may also have unlawfully leaked confidential information to the same journalist.
Perhaps that is what these three gentlemen are actually talking about? Somehow, I think not. There seems to be collective amnesia around those instances.

I will, of course, co-operate fully with any independent investigation into such leaks. I have nothing to fear – most of my contacts with the media were in the full view of the public and involved what Sir Hugh Orde described the other day as the proper and necessary relationships between the media and senior police officers.

He did this when he made the comments that corrupt police officers leaking information should be jailed and the keys thrown away (the same goes for politicians, of course).
Presumably Mr Shenton has changed his mind on this? It only seems like yesterday that he was criticising me for attempting to bring the small number of corrupt Jersey officers to justice and called it a waste of money.

So I look forward to seeing this investigation and we will find out the truth as to whether a journalist received leaked material from Senator Perchard, what Mr Gradwell did (he has been uncharacteristically silent until now) and, perhaps, what those leaking the information gained from it.
As I said, I have no concerns about such an investigation. Almost all of what I said can be found in easily accessible articles and film online.

Please see the green link to VoiceForChildren below
as Lenny Harper is interviewed on this very subject


"An Island Sold" (A sonnet to Jersey)

by Paul Mash

JERSEY! An atomic wasteland of social ambivalences
Whose fallout benefits the rich whilst poisoning the poor.

JERSEY! Governed by the ignorant and supported by the foolish
Whose sanctum sanctorum is the currency of capital.

JERSEY! An identity sold to the highest bidder
Whose price is paid by the native populace.

JERSEY! A golden palace built on the annals of her history
Whose uniqueness has been sold cheaply.

JERSEY! A place where birth and history mean nothin’And who I am, A JERSEYMAN, is diminished from the chronicles of history.

JERSEY! Stand and shout “I AM JERSEY,” and let rich and poor benefit equally
Listen to voices and let fairness and equality be embraced by all

JERSEY! Do not sell your soul to the rich and wealthy
Be a home to her born and to a society, healthy.

"In Sharp Contrast To Scum Like Ian Le Marquand - My Pal Died Today - An Honourable & Poor Man - But Rich In Family Values :)"

"Ricky Turnbull Died Today, Caring Husband To His Wife Sue,
Loving Father To His Kids, And, Gentle-Man To His Friends"

Ricky 'N' Sue....Childhood Sweethearts xxx

BIG Scary Monster in his youth, but only to those who didn't get to know him!


R.I.P My Fabulous Friend :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"Evidenced Criminal & Child Abuse Cover-up Merchant Runs For Chief Minister!!!"

Wonders Never Cease In Screwed Up Jersey

I find it utterly remarkable that Ian Le Marquand is not in
St Saviours mental hospital, or prison,
let alone having the God Damned effrontery to run for Chief Minister!!!

"Greedy Jersey"

Number of registered childminders in Jersey halved 

Childminders are being put off working in Jersey by high social security contributions, a child carer has said.

Education Department figures show the number of registered childminders has halved in the past eight years.
Child carer Jennie Marriot said part of the problem was the high social security contributions.
But Jersey's Childcare Trust has worked with the minister in charge to help lower contributions for childminders.
Ms Marriot, who has been a child carer for 15 years, said: "It was preventing a lot of girls from becoming registered family child carers and they so want to stay at home with their own children but are not able to because of the high cost of social security.
"As of last week we do now have a new system of paying whereby it will be based on their estimated earnings as opposed to their previous two years' earnings."

"Shock For South African Hoping For Better Rights In Jersey"

Illegal immigrant tries to row to Jersey in inflatable - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Illegal immigrant found trying to make way to Jersey
A Jersey resident staying on the Ecrehous alerted Jersey authorities the man had come ashore

An illegal immigrant tried to sneak into Jersey by rowing here on an inflatable kayak.

The 26-year-old was discovered stranded on the Ecrehous Islands after trying to paddle to Jersey from Carteret in Normandy to seek asylum.

The man - who had no passport or other identification on him - was found after the Carteret Coastguard alerted Jersey officials.

They had been monitoring the man and grew suspicious after he paddled several miles out to sea - and the Jersey Coastguard launched the St Catherine Coastguard to find him.

He was picked up on the Ecrehous, to the North East of the island, after a call from a Jersey resident staying in a cottage on the reef. He was interviewed by Jersey Customs officials, who he told he was from South Africa and was claiming asylum in Jersey.

Paul Ecobichon, Assistant Director of Customs and Immigration, said: "I can confirm that a man was found off the Ecrehous after paddling on an inflatable kayak and it appears, trying to get to Jersey. He has now been escorted back to France."

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Jersey Comedians To Team Up As Trio"

Call for investigation into police links with newspaper

THREE States Members have called for an official investigation into whether States police officers were paid by journalists for information during the Haut de la Garenne inquiry.
Deputy Sean Power, Senator Ben Shenton and Senator Jim Perchard have written a joint letter to the Attorney General and the police chief calling for action in the wake of revelations and allegations about the News of the World.
It has been alleged that reporters from the Sunday tabloid not only routinely hacked the mobile answer phone messages of celebrities, politicians and the victims of crime and terrorism, but also paid corrupt police officers for information.
The three Island politicians say that they have been concerned since 2008 about the way the investigation was handled and have raised the matter in the States on several occasions.

Ahhh - the Farce Blog (three) rear their very ugly heads again!

Couldn't be three nicer blokes. Three of our more 'upstanding', honest, whiter than white politicians!

No 1 - 'Borrows' a very personal e-mail which he 'found' on a printer. Conveniently managed to reproduce it on one aforementioned Farce Blog, and then went off sick for some time from the States.

No 2 - Tapes a fellow Senator's phone call to use in evidence against him quite some time later. Also appears to have gross contempt for the ordinary working man.

No 3 - Suggests that fellow Senator should go and 'slit his wrists', and to all intents and purposes himself leaked information to the very dubious David Rose.

Three of our best, who have all shown an extremely nasty side to themselves, and furthermore, appear to have an unhealthy interest in rubbishing the Child Abuse issue.

Funnily though, the more they try, the more suspicious we all get. However we must thank them for keeping it in the public eye!

As for the JEP printing this trash when they know the track records of all three is way, way beyond me! Or on second thoughts, maybe not!

"A Fitting Tribute"

Steps to remember a brave teenager

A father has organised a charity walk to raise money for his courageous son, who lost his battle with bone cancer when he was just 19.

Throughout his fight, Marc Nieuwburg showed incredible spirit, finding the strength to laugh at the awful challenges that invaded his teenage years.

He was able to find amusement in the prosthetic leg he was fitted after the cancer spread in the bones in one of his legs and he had to have the limb removed.

Now, five years on, his dad Willy is taking on his own challenge so that money can go towards creating a ward just for teenagers, because when Mark was treated at hospital in Southampton he was the only teenager on the ward.

Marc's Walk aims to raise enough money to build a specialist unit for teenagers at the hospital and the money will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust in order to make this a reality.

Speaking of his son, Willy said: "All the chemo he had, aggressive chemo didn't work, none of it, nothing, made no difference to the tumour at all. Five aggressive chemos and then he had the amputation because it started to the main bone in the leg and then I remember picking him up from the airport when he and my wife came out of the arrivals hall, minus a leg and he smiled, don't worry dad, it's all fine."

Willy describes his son's incredible spirit.

"Marc went off for a walk and said I am going for a walk and after he came back and he said guess what, I was walking along the pier, small level and he jumped off and as he jumped off his leg came off and these two little old ladies were sitting there and their mouths fell open and in their whole lives they have never seen anything like it! His leg came off and he quietly sat down and put his leg back on. He liked that, he used to go into King Street, sit in King Street, take his leg off and start fiddling about with his leg."

In the end, Marc was told he could have an operation to try to remove the 17 tumours in his lungs, but doctors told him that even if it was successful he would be left with two half lungs.

Marc decided against the operation because he wanted to enjoy the short time that was left of his life. He wanted to have fun on his last Christmas and see his friends - and even the simplest thing, to keep his hair.

Marc's Walk will start at St Catherine's where the teenager used to enjoy fishing, around the south coast to St Brelade's Church where he was buried.

Around 100 people are already signed up, but anyone can get involved in the walk which is on 13 August. All you need to do is contact Willy on and he will send a sponsorship form.

"AIDS In Jersey"

HIV numbers doubling each year

The number of people diagnosed with HIV in Jersey is doubling each year according to AIDS charity ACET's annual report.

At the moment it is estimated that 68 islanders are living with HIV. But it is also thought that another 16 people are living with the virus unknowingly and thereby putting others at risk.

The figures pose a number of challenges for society and for ACET who have identified their priorities as threefold:

1- Reducing late diagnosis,

2- Increasing public knowledge and understanding, and

3- Improving the psychological welfare of people living with HIV.

The latter is particularly important in a small society where social isolation and prejudice is widespread.

And it is thought early diagnosis could save the public purse as much as £280,000.

But it is not just States coffers that are feeling the pressure in testing economic times. Earlier in the year, ACET's States grant was at risk, and they feared having to shut down entirely.

To prevent that situation in the future the charity is advocating a better inter-agency approach.

Executive Director of ACET, Rosemary Ruddy said: "The current economic crisis reinforces the need to introduce new models of inter-agency working to strengthen the health economy and provide value for money with services that are efficient, economic and, most importantly, effective. A wider role for the voluntary sector in HIV prevention, sexual health and the whole blood-borne virus agenda not only improves efficacy, it makes sound economic sense."

"New Cop In Jersey"

Superintendent Stewart Gull speaks about his career and taking on crime in Jersey

Jersey has a new Head of Crime in the form of an experienced Superintendent who worked on the high-profile Ipswich serial killer case.

Just yesterday, police revealed statistics showing the island is getting safer - and it is hoped that Superintendent Stewart Gull's experience will help reduce crime on the island even further.

The 48-year-old has been sworn in at the Royal Court and we spoke to him about his plans for tackling crime in Jersey.

His 30 years of experience leading a number of high profile cases for the Suffolk Constabulary, include conducting the day-to-day investigation into the murders of "Suffolk Strangler" Steve Wright, who slaughtered five of the town’s sex workers in late 2006.

He said of the case: "I found myself in a place that I never expected to be, as you can imagine finding five young victims in the course of a ten day period was unprecedented and unparallelled, unique probably to the UK and possibly the world, five victims found as quickly as that but as we now know the offender Steve Wright was identified five days after the fourth and fifth victims were found and he was subsequently convicted in early 2008."

Mr Gull was awarded the Queen's Police Medal two years ago for his achievements.

He said of coming to Jersey: "It was an incredible wrench, I am Suffolk born and bred, my father was a police officer and I served for 30 years so it was incredibly sad, but we all have to leave an organisation at some stage you know, one individual doesn't make up the whole parts, so I felt I was ready for a change, ready for a new challenge and really excited to be here."

He added: "Jersey, the community, the 90-odd thousand people who live on the island they're the same as any other community, simpler challenges, crime interestingly is at it's lowest for seven years which is fantastic achievement, I hope to be able to better that. It is a really safe place. But as we know we do have sadly from time to time we do have serious crime, major crime, critical incidents to deal with and I am hoping that with my experience and expertise that I can bring, working with colleagues here that we can minimise incidents of that nature."

Monday, 25 July 2011

"Bio-Hazzard - Jersey - States Buy Back Contaminated Site"

JEP, States buy back property after contamination found

"And No Comment Section!"

THE States have been forced to buy back a property they sold because it is contaminated.
In 2009 the States sold a number of sheds at Mont Mado, Rue de la Mare des Prés, St John, for £1.2 million. But the buyer, who wanted to build three houses on the site, has found it to be contaminated with petrol, diesel and paints. The States have agreed to buy the site back for the same price it was sold for.
They have also agreed to pay for the legal costs, the cost of the developer’s investigation into the suitability of the land for development and the interest.
The States plan to clean the site and sell it when the market has improved.

"Burglary Figures Down - Has Someone Advised People To Shut Their Windows?"

Crime down by 7% in Jersey

It seems Jersey has become a safer place to live - figures out today show crime is down by 7%.

One of the biggest drops has been in the number of burglaries and the 2010 figure is the second lowest in ten years.

But it is not all good news.

Road accidents that resulted in death or serious injury were up.

Burglary in 2010 was at its second lowest for 10 years.

In total, 352 burglaries were recorded in 2010. Of those - 126 - that is just over a third - involved offenders breaking into somebody's home and of that figure 60% of the properties were insecure.

It is difficult to compare jurisdictions when it comes to Violent Crime, because the definition of assault is different in Jersey to that in England and Wales.

But according to the latest report, 83 grave and criminal assaults were recorded in public places. A third of those involved people who knew each other.

69 of the serious assaults occurred at night in St Helier and in 90% of these cases the Police identified a suspect and 74% resulted in prosecutions.

When it comes to safety at home, 54 serious assaults were committed at peoples homes in 2010; of those only one was committed by somebody breaking in. But safety on the roads is a growing concern for Jersey Police.

Although, the overall number of Road Traffic Collisions fell in 2010, the number of RTCs resulting in fatal or serious injury increased from the previous year.

However, despite the obvious road safety concerns, the overall picture for Jersey Policing in 2010 was a good one.

"Boat Wreckage Raised"

Wreck of Condor crash boat revealed - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Condor ferry crash
The twisted wreck of the Marquises, on which Philippe Lesaulnier perished

The wreck of a fishing boat belonging to a French fisherman who was killed in a collision with a Condor ferry has been raised from the seabed off the Minquiers.

Father-of-four Philippe Lesaulnier, 42, was killed in the crash with the Condor Vitesse in March and pronounced dead in Jersey General Hospital, while two other crew members survived by clinging to the wreckage.

As the mangled metal of the Marquises was craned ashore, the full extent of the damage caused during the accident in thick fog became apparent.

The wreck was then towed to the port of St Malo. - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Fisherman death
Philippe Lesaulnier suffered a massive chest crush injury in the crash, four months ago - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Wreck of French fisherman's boat
The back section of the Marquises was sliced off in the impact

The bow section of the vessel was completely separated from the rest of the hull and the wheelhouse - where Monsieur Lesaulnier was standing when the Condor struck - and was almost completely destroyed.

On the quay as the Marquises was craned ashore the owner of the trawler Pascal Le Guilloux told journalists that he had preferred that the boat be brought to St Malo rather than its home port in Granville.

He said: "It would have upset the boys in Granville to see her in this state." - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Fisherman wreck
The front section of the Marquises

The wreck will be investigated by French police. It took 13 hours to tow the Marquises to St Malo and a further two hours to crane the remains of the boat shore.

The decision to recover the wreck was taken shortly after an investigation into manslaughter was begun by a prosecutor in Coutances.

Last month, Renaud Gaudeul said that inquiries are continuing and a decision on eventual charges will be taken in September after the wreckage of the Marquises has been scrutinised by marine experts to determine the exact
circumstances of the accident.

Investigators have already been studying data in the Condor Vitesse’s black box.

"Jersey Get's Something Right At Last"

Disability issues added to new law on discrimination

JERSEY will get a discrimination law after a landmark decision in the States.
In what was the final piece of business for the House on Friday before the summer recess, 42 Members unanimously gave the go-ahead for a draft law to protect Island workers from discrimination, to be drawn up whatever the cost.
The new law would outlaw discrimination over issues of disability, age, sex and race.
The proposition had been brought by Deputy Geoff Southern, a long-term advocate of the Island’s need for a discrimination law, and was successfully amended by the Council of Ministers.
The decision now means that a draft version of the law is expected to be brought back to the States some time next year. If adopted, it will be implemented soon afterwards.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

"Will Chief Officer Mike Bowron See Eye To Eye With Sir Hugh Orde?"

Sir Hugh Orde says corrupt police should be locked up

Sir Hugh Orde at Acpo conference Sir Hugh Orde says he has not decided whether to apply for the job of commissioner

Related Stories

Corrupt police officers should be locked up and the key "thrown away", the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has said.
Sir Hugh Orde was speaking in the wake of allegations about Metropolitan Police officers taking money from the News of the World for information.
He said the UK had one of the least corrupt police services but that it was not complacent.
Sir Hugh is among those being tipped as the next Met Police commissioner.
Last week Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Commissioner of the Met after it emerged that former News of the World (NoW) executive editor Neil Wallis had been employed by Scotland Yard as a public relations consultant.
The Met has now advertised for his replacement.
Later Sir Hugh was asked if he would be applying for the job and he said: "I haven't finally made up my mind whether to put my hat in the ring, but I note that the mayor (Boris Johnson) is on record as saying that he is ideally looking for a woman to do the job… and that is something that anyone interested in the job has to think about before they decide whether to go for it."

“Start Quote

Every police officer patrolling the streets this morning expects that any corrupt officer that lets the side down, that does huge damage to policing, should be locked up and the key thrown away”
End Quote
Sir Hugh Orde President, Acpo
New leadership
Speaking about the recent allegations, Sir Hugh told the BBC's James Landale: "My sense is that 140,000 police officers in this country are looking at this and are clearly worried. They need very quickly new leadership to be put in."
He added: "Let's not lose our nerve."
Meanwhile it has emerged that Surrey Police have removed an officer from the inquiry into Milly Dowler's murder after claims information was leaked to the NoW.
Earlier this week Assistant Commissioner John Yates resigned from the Met after questions were raised about his role in failing to reinvestigate phone hacking and his friendship with Mr Wallis.
Mr Yates's job as Scotland Yard's lead officer on counter-terrorism was given to Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick.
Sir Hugh, a former Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, told the BBC the Met had "huge strength" and that there were "some outstanding leaders" who had taken the helm.
'Zero tolerance'
Sir Hugh said he had a "zero tolerance" policy towards corrupt police officers and civilians working for the police.
Cressida Dick Cressida Dick could be the first female commissioner

But he said it needed to be put in context: "The chief officer of the police service of this country, Sir Paul Stephenson, said 'This happened on my watch, I am responsible, I am resigning.' Compare that with Rupert Murdoch - complete denial of any responsibility of his organisation."
James Landale asked whether it was necessary for police officers to go to jail to prove to the public that corruption was not endemic in the police.
Sir Hugh said: "Every police officer patrolling the streets this morning expects that any corrupt officer that lets the side down, that does huge damage to policing, should be locked up and the key thrown away."
He was also asked about cutbacks to the police and whether the 44 forces in England and Wales could be more efficient.
Sir Hugh said: "We are doing our level best to be as efficient as we can be. Her Majesty's Inspector (of Constabulary) released a report only this week that despite 20% cuts we have maintained frontline service delivery by doing things in different ways.
"My personal view is that we do need to look more widely at policing through some sort of commission because we are currently delivering against 21st Century threats with a 20th Century model. Forty-four forces is simply too many."


Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Discrimination Laws - Shall I Hold My Breath?"

Jersey to get anti-discrimination law

Jersey will have its first anti-discrimination law by the end of 2012, the States has said.
The Council of Ministers has agreed to ensure funding and legislation is in place by then. Initially it was to delay it due to a £100,000 budget cut.
When implemented, the legislation will make it illegal to discriminate against people based on factors including age, gender, disability or race.
Supporters have campaigned for such a law for several years.
The Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS), which is among those to have called for the law, said it deals with about 350 cases related to discrimination issues each year and that a law would force offending firms to alter attitudes.

"Are All These Threats For Nought?"

Cohen target of more abuse

ASSISTANT Chief Minister Freddie Cohen has once again been targeted in an anti-Semitic hate campaign just weeks after receiving a racist death threat and threatening phone calls.
The Senator said that he and his family were left deeply upset last week when a sickening letter arrived at his home address to him and his wife.
‘The content is traditional, deep-rooted, abhorrent anti-Semitism,’ he said. ‘Had the letter been written in the Middle Ages or in the 1930s, the content could have been similar.’

"Will They Be Keeping Tabs On States Criminals?"

New system to keep tabs on dangerous criminals

STATES departments will keep tabs on dangerous criminals and potential offenders under a new policy to protect the public and victims.
Registered sex offenders, violent criminals sentenced to a year or more in prison, and other dangerous offenders or potential offenders will all be tracked by the new system.
Under the Jersey Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (JMAPPA) policy, departments will share information about the criminals and offenders to make sure that the risk of further crime is reduced as far as possible.

Friday, 22 July 2011

"The Filthy Rag (JEP) Just Cannot Help Their Backward Selves" only took four days for the Jersey Evening Post to revert back to type on the Lenny Harper issue. Rob Shitley just couldn't help himself but have another pop at Mr Harper, and with the piss poor title of the article being "The Cost Of Dinner".

What about "The Cost Of Dinner" at the Bistro Central Restaurant?
The favoured place for our top Oligarchy's to wine and dine their "helpful friends" from around the globe? Did the citizens of Jersey not pay for those little peregrinations?

The whole bottle of Brandy? and at £35 a shot!
and there were only five of them present.

Rob Shitley should go and sit down in a dark corner and have a serious word with himself. When that done, he should then campaign for a "Freedom Of Information Law" so that he can investigate "The Cost Of Dinner" issues regarding the ponces who rob us blind, and do it year upon year, upon year.

"Good Job Shitley"

"A Backwards Glance" just sums up the Jersey Evening Post beautifully

"The Jersey Gravy Train Is Just Endless - Thanks To Jersey's Mugs"

Utility bosses earn £500,000

Jersey Telecom chief executive Graeme Millar was the top earner. hahaha

THE chief executives of three States-owned utility companies took home over £500,000 between them last year.
The chief executive of Jersey Telecom was the top earner with a deal valued at £212,000 in his first full year in the job while his counterparts at Jersey Post and Jersey Water had pay packets worth £174,000 and £126,000 respectively.
The earnings are included in copies of the annual report and accounts of the three utility companies presented to States Members this week.

"Santa's Little Ju-rat Helpers Get Miffed!"

Scrutiny slams vote on prison board

The Home Affairs Minister,
who had expressed support for the proposition subject to certain additional considerations,
was amongst those who voted against.

Well, who didn't see that coming from Le Marquand???

I think it's a great idea but I'm not going to vote for it.


Members of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel have stepped down en masse after the States Assembly narrowly defeated one of their propositions.

They wanted independent members of the public represented on the Prison Board of Visitors, currently made up of Jurats.

The proposition was debated on 13 July with the vote ending in a stalemate - 19 for, 19 against, which means the status quo remains.

The Home Affairs Minister, who had expressed support for the proposition subject to certain additional considerations, was amongst those who voted against.

Whilst they did not want Jurats excluded from the board, they wanted to cap their representation to three out of the seven members of the board.

The two main reasons for allowing lay-people in they suggested, were "inclusion" and "best practice".

Inclusion would be in the sense that it would open up the role to members of the wider community, which would also serve to widen representation - and best practice in that there is growing pressure for a "clear separation of powers".

The view of the Scrutiny Panel is that Jurats, who at the moment are members of the Judiciary whilst also serving in non-judicial capacities, may be faced with actual or apparent conflicts of interest in doing so.

"The Wealthier Get To Pay Stealthier"

Jersey's wealthiest to pay less tax

Senator Philip Ozouf Senator Ozouf said "we need to let people know Jersey is open for business"  

Related Stories

The rate of tax paid by some of the wealthiest people in Jersey will be going down.
The States has approved new rules for 1(1)K residents - those on the highest housing licence - which will mean they pay 20% tax on their income up to £625,000 and then 1% after that.
Currently all Jersey income is taxed at 20%.
The Treasury and Resources Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, said they wanted more high-earners to move into Jersey.
He said: "Currently Jersey attracts five new wealthy immigrants per year and we would like to increase that to about 15.
"We would like to encourage those people to establish their businesses here and bring wealth and activity to the island."
There are currently 140 1(1)K residents in Jersey who pay £13.5m in tax.
Senator Ozouf said: "People who want to invest in our island are welcome and we need to do everything we can to let them know that Jersey is open for business."

"The Poor Get To Pay More"

Cost of living rises 4.5 per cent

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf

THE cost of living in Jersey increased sharply last month following the rise in GST.
According to figures released today, inflation increased by 4.5 per cent during the year leading up to last month.
According to figures released today, inflation increased by 4.5 per cent during the year leading up to last month.
And 1.3 per cent of that rise occurred last month alone, after GST increased from three per cent to five per cent.
However, Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has moved to reassure Islanders that the rise was expected, and that the increase was just a ‘temporary blip’ caused by the one-off rise in the sales tax.
He added: ‘We have always said that the effect of the GST rise would filter through into this quarter’s figures.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Jersey Scrutiny Falling Apart - But Why?"

Three more quit scrutiny panel

THREE more States Members have announced their intention to resign from the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel.

The decision of the chairman, Deputy Roy Le Hérissier and panel members Deputies Trevor Pitman and Jeremy Maçon follow that of former member Deputy Montfort Tadier last week.
The announcement was made in the States this afternoon.

Want to know why they quit?

Please visit the VoiceForChildren Blogsite at the green link directly below.

Deputy Roy Le Hérissier and two others intend to resign from the panel

Trevor Pitman

Jeremy Macon

Montford Tadier

"More Whistleblowers May Face Emma Martins Big Stick"

Airport deals under investigation

Concerns have been raised about the new airport control tower

INVESTIGATING accountants have been called in to review allegations of mishandled Airport contracts.
Concerns have been raised publicly in recent weeks over the new £12m air traffic control tower, including allegations that an £800,000 redesign of the Channel Islands air space zone could have been done free of charge, that a £65,000 per year air traffic controller failed exams and was doing basic administrative work, and that a £6,000 signalling lamp could have been bought for £900.
The investigation has been set up by the States spending watchdog, Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson, who has been contacted by whistleblowers.
The terms of reference for the investigation have been provided to the Economic Development department, which oversees the Airport, but have not been published.

Emma Martins who has persecuted Stuart Syvret,
and on behalf of known criminals

"Can The Public Please Do Ozouf's Job For Him?"

Can you join the quest to save millions?

Jess (flucking) Dunsdon reports

To help find annual savings of £65 million by 2013, Jersey's government is calling on islanders for ideas.

Some of the ideas already put forward by islanders include charging patients for prescriptons and reducing the number of politicians.

And with just £12 million saved this year - the States look like they need all the help they can get to stick to their savings target.

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf is behind a new States web page called Value Jersey.

It has a dual purpose - to keep islanders up-to-date about progress on spending cuts and to gather any brainwaves for saving cash.

The Treasury is currently sifting through more than 300 different savings ideas proposed by departments to meet the savings target, but individual staff members are also on the case.

Their ideas include:
No free parking for States Members or States staff.

An amnesty for return of borrowed equipment from the health department.

Less frequent cleaning of States buildings.

Consider whether the Fire Service needs a rescue boat when we also have the RNLI.

Reduce the number of politicians.

Means test universal benefits.

Increase the pension age - higher and sooner.

Require healthy benefit claimants to do unpaid work for States (like street cleaning).

Introduce a sewage handling charge and re-introduce prescription charges subsidised for long-term sick and low earners.

Suggestions from islanders include:
Privatising car parks.

Online booking for States sports facilities.

Schools to email information to parents rather than send letters.

Texting patients a reminder before outpatient appointments.

Charge patients who then miss their appointment.

Reduce the length of time claimants receive Income Support after they start a new job.

Increase Social Security contributions for higher earners and their bosses.

Re-introduce prescription charges and stop golden handshakes.

Can you do better?

"Alain Govard Found Dead In Sea"

Body in sea near Jersey identified as French sailor

Yacht found off Guernsey's coast
Mr Govard's yacht was found off Pleinmont Point on Sunday

The body of a man found in the sea south of Jersey has been identified as that of a missing French sailor.
A lifeboat crew found the body of Alain Govard, 62, floating 10 miles off Les Minquiers on Monday.
Mr Govard's yacht, Maclaw, which he was sailing single-handedly, had been found two days earlier floating off Guernsey's Pleinmont Point.
Guernsey Police said they were continuing to investigate the incident with the French and Jersey authorities.

"Competition Not Wanted In Jersey"

Jersey Post claim unfair treatment

Jersey Post chairman Mike Liston

THE future of Jersey Post is being put at risk by a regulator ‘recklessly’ pursuing the ideology of competition.
That is the view of the chairman of the States-owned postal business that just about broke even last year, according to its latest results.
Mike Liston criticised the policies being pursued by the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority in his review of 2010 trading presented to States Members yesterday.
He warns that the Island’s postal service ‘risks collapse’ and that more jobs will go as a result. More than 170 posts were shed in 2010 and more than £2 million was paid out to staff in redundancy payments.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"The Jersey Evening Post - Start To Print Some Of The Truth"

"Are the JEP at a watershed moment?"

For the very first time, the Jersey Evening Post have gone to print with some small degree of fairness and facts regarding Lenny Harper!!!


What is written here in this article can only be described as a vast improvement in comparison to their usual slap-happy Government propaganda.
Are the JEP beginning to understand that masking child abuse is
an extremely serious offence?

Predictably, they give "The Cuckoo" Ian Le Marquand
his mandatory and inflammatory ranting session, and cater also for
Ben "Empty Chair" Shenton to gas and drool the usual obnoxious drivel.

BUT....For once,
they also address the testimony and concerns of Lenny Harper.
Lenny explains here about the meeting with the NOTW, and
the lengths he had to go to in stopping people like Jimmy Perchard
leaking information to scum like David Rose.

In this article we still get Le Marquand's
predictable and nonsensical outbursts
spouting such un-evidenced and unsubstantiated garbage as
"the leaks were likely to have come from a police officer, or officers"
But when you live in cloud cuckoo land like Ian Le Marquand,
this utter dross is somewhat expected.

Furthermore, one must ask, what is Shenton trying to cover up?


Just left click on the pic to read it