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Monday, 13 June 2011

"A Very Fitting Tribute - To Those Who Are Worthy - In The Messed Up Island Of Jersey"

Through my daily vicissitudes, I came across this video,
and being a big soft twat, I fell instantly for it.
What it depicts, is the sheer power and strength of the human spirit.
The tenacity to life of the fearless,
and those who love and care for their fellow man.
Never paralysed by impotence of will,
or feared of repercussion.
When I viewed this video today,
it reminded me so much of our Jersey Blogger's.
The Jersey Oligarchy can have us arrested & thrown in jail at will,
stripped of our assets,
and even murdered, with just one phone call.
Yet, we all fight relentlessly and fearlessly
for those who have been subdued through pure cruelty & oppression.
It is high time in Jersey, and elsewhere,
for those who deserve the credit,
to receive some recognition for their brave efforts.

and in no particular order.

Stuart Syvret, Carrie Modral, Neil  (neil, orange peel) from VoiceForChildren,
Rico Sorda, Dannie Jarman, Jill Gracia, Graham Power,
Lenny Harper, Tom (that's not my real name) Gruchy,
Bob (the deputy) Hill, Kirk the Flying Vet, TJW, Martin, The Beano is not the Rag,
Lorna, Elle, Hymie, Tony the "A"-musing, WebGuru, Brian C, Cyril, Rob Kent, Mr Jee,
Bill & Maria Maloney, Brian Gerrish, Robert Green, C.H.R.I.S,
Belinda McKenzie, Sheva Burton, Paul R Jolliffe,
Sam Hallimond, Ceci Semour, Michael McManus,
Kirsty Seddon, Dan Theman, Jerry Lonsdale, Ellen MFJ,
Linda Stoneman, John Deegan, Lilly Starr, Shane Bryant & Fighters,
and that bloody politician mate of Syvret's (whatshisname) err,
John Hemming!!!
And most of all, to the little ginger girl from 1st tower xxx every other person who has left even one single comment
in defiance of our "Piss Pot" Jersey Government's tyranny.

"The Video Below Is Dedicated To You Guy's 'n' Girls"

"Sleep Well Tonight My Friends, For You Have Truly Earned It"

I would love to send this posting to every member of
the States of Jersey, but I am truly sick of pissing in the wind.

What I can promise though,
is that I will do everything humanly possible,
without causing, loss, injury, or using fraud or mischief in my contracts,
to bring you people down....

"A True Story"

"Fear, is the only darkness"


  1. each to there own

  2. "each to there own"

    At least you took the time to read the blog post, perhaps even watched the video? and then took the time to leave a comment!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Ian, the survivors should be mentioned as well, just a thought, they have gone through so much and still they keep their diginity. Thank you for sharing such a heart warming story. x

  3. Anon - last comment

    It 'is' all about the survivors :)

    It is also about the many people in Jersey and England fighting for justice for them. The courage & dignity of the survivors is quite simply the reason we are ALL united against this aweful regime.

    Human beings who give a damn about eachother :)

  4. And....I think the "each to his own" comment, was from one of our younger politicians!

    Was I correct in my "good gravy" assumptions?

  5. Time, and courage, will yield everything :)

  6. Paul Randle-JolliffeJune 17, 2011 4:13 am

    thanks ian very touched

  7. You earned it Paul, class act mate :)