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Thursday, 23 June 2011

"Top Cop Hot-foot's It Out Of Sunny Jersey"

Senior policeman resigns

ONE of Jersey’s most senior policemen has resigned – just two months after joining the States police from the UK.

Bernard Gravett was appointed as superintendent head of operations in April, having left a high-ranking job with the Metropolitan Police.

But it was yesterday confirmed that he has quit his post, which comes with a basic salary of between £90,000 and £110,000.

A States police spokeswoman confirmed that Mr Gravett had left the force for ‘personal reasons’ but declined to make further comment.


  1. Wonder what kind of non-disclosure agreement he has.

  2. He was sacked but the media are keeping it to themselves.

  3. Sacked for not being an oligarchy stooge? Bonjour the cnut gets promoted. The Jersey way.