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Monday, 27 June 2011

"This Just Sums Up Greedy Jersey"

Overstretched charity asks for help

"The cost is so high that it is beyond the General Hospital's budget". No Bloody surprises there then! Anne Pryke is to busy paying hundreds of thousands of pounds "each" a year, to those wonderful individuals manning all those essential typewriters that save peoples lives!!! A kidney charity is pleading for donations to help them continue their life-saving service, after spending more than double their budget.

The Jersey Kidney Patients Association is relied upon by the Health Department to pay for vital dialysis equipment and provide support for people.

But this financial support means so far this year that the JKPA has spent over £19,000 on an income of just £9,000 - meaning it might not be able to provide the Hospital with the further funding it needs.

And with dialysis machines costing over £10,000 each, they are struggling to meet the demand of patients in the island.

The cost is so high that it is beyond the General Hospital's budget and it is only thanks to the JKPA that the renal unit is fully equipped.

There is now a rising demand for dialysis, with more and more people being diagnosed with renal disease. The Hospital needs to extend the Unit and it is relying on the JKPA to help with funding.

But the charity says it has run out of cash, and is making a plea for help.

Peter Morris, Chairman of the Jersey Kidney Patients Association, said: "I think there's always pressure there, there is for all other charities in the island. It's tough out there and it is hard for the charities to do it.

"But the people of Jersey will rally round, we will do it, it just means we have to work doubly hard, we have to tell people when we're struggling, we're not quite there yet but by this interview, we're just saying it is hard, keep helping us, we do need it."

The JKPA relies solely on donations to support kidney patients both financially and emotionally. It helps patients with doctors fees, as a post-transplant patient needs to visit the doctor three times a month.

The charity also pays for flights for a friend or family member to support a sick renal patient needing to go to Guy's Hospital in London and it gives food vouchers to patients and their families who are really strapped for cash.

The JKPA is under pressure to fulfil its promise of funding and says every penny that islanders can donate will mean the charity will live on.

For more information on how to donate to the Jersey Kidney Patients Association you can log on to their website:

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