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Monday, 13 June 2011

"Tax Payers Money Flushed Down 'The Sewer' Of Irrelevance"

Jersey minister says cost of China trip 'irrelevant'

Senators Le Sueur and Cohen with the Chinese Ambassador to Britain, His Excellency Liu Xiaoming
The Adams Family-Values!!!
The cost of sending a group of States representatives to China is "virtually irrelevant", according to Jersey's Chief Minister
Senator Terry Le Sueur is on a three-day trip to the country with foreign minister Senator Freddie Cohen.
They have travelled with members of Jersey Finance to try to encourage business links between the two economies.
Senator Le Sueur said that benefits outweighed any costs of the trip.
He told BBC News: "It will be minimal, if you think of long term investment this will be an important first step but the cost is virtually irrelevant in the greater scheme of things."
Made public
The politicians are in China to boost business with the world's fastest growing economy.
Speaking from Beijing, Senator Le Sueur said the trip was about getting to know each other's cultures.
He said: "As soon as the figures are available they will of course be made public.
"I have no doubt it will be recovered many times over, not just next year or the year after but for many years to come.
"The public have an absolute right to know what they cost, as soon as the information is available it will be published and islanders will know how their money has been spent trying to progress the island's interest."


  1. The cost is virtually irrelevant in the greater scheme of things? Right. For whatever they want the cost is always worth it. How much did they spend investigating Lenny's lunches in London? But they still say there isn't enough money to have a Freedom of Information Act. Can't even afford to properly preserve forensic evidence or provide further testing of children's teeth and bones found buried in a horrifyingly suspicious setting. Remember their excuse for delaying a sex offender registry? Oh right. Not enough money to keep up with the list!!!

  2. Sex offenders Register? Yes, that's a prime example.

    C.H.R.I.S managed to set his sex offenders register up for about £1,000 and he has nearly 13,000 unwilling clients!

    Le Marquand and Le Sewer are just obdurate liars.

  3. ian i wonder if the wifes went two and if they did who paid?

  4. TIANANMEN SQUARE... people, Should Jersey be getting in bed with This facist regime..? really..?They turned the guns on their own people for holding a Democratic gathering.several hundred students and others left in huge pools of blood...because their opinion differed from the leaders....anyone spot the similarities is this Dosh at any price attitude of Cohen and Ozouf not making Jersey little more than a cheap whore with no integrity or morals dropping our panties for a quick Buck...this trip has been "Sold " as an opportunity to hold hands with the largest developing economy and that we need to for jobs and stuff...Boo Hoo...they are as you read this polluting their lakes and fields,poisoning their own children,and destroying the environment at an alarming rate..Hang on perhaps that's where Cohen got the idea to ruin Portelet from...any way it is highly immoral and damaging to our reputation to be making deals with this cash and power
    hungry life only about cash to these people..? the answer seems yes.they must be resisted at all costs.