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Monday, 20 June 2011

"Planning - Someone Has Actually Started To Think!"

Axe falls on planning bureaucracy

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - planning

The need for planning permission has been scrapped in Jersey for many projects.

The exempt list includes loft and garage conversions, small extensions and installing renewable energy equipment.

Planning Minister Freddie Cohen says he is fulfilling a promise to reduce the burden and cost of making a planning application in many areas, and to concentrate efforts and resources of the Department on important applications and listed buildings.

"The new greatly extended list of exemptions will make a huge difference to many Islanders who wish to alter and improve their properties without the bureaucracy and red tape of making a planning application," claimed Senator Cohen.

Planning Permission will no longer be required in many cases for the following works:

To convert a loft space to habitable use

To install dormer windows

To convert a garage to habitable accommodation provided the car parking space is replaced

To re-clad a roof

To erect garages, sheds and greenhouses

To extend an industrial or warehouse building by 5%

Residential extensions less than 30m² in area

For certain works to residential properties that are in common or multi-ownership

To install new rooflights and sun-pipes

To increase the aggregate area of buildings for the shelter of livestock to 50m²

To install renewable energy equipment for the generation or efficient use of electricity

Other changes include relaxations over certain changes of use and relaxations on the display of signs and advertisements on buildings and behind shop windows.

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