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Friday, 10 June 2011

"Persistence Pays Off"

Robert Green, like Stuart Syvret, has been persistent in his quest for justice for victims of sexual abuse. Robert has relentlessly fought to expose the shocking story of Hollie Grieg, and the disgusting abuse she was forced to endure. Robert is now finally getting more and more coverage as the weeks pass by, and before to long, this story will hit the big time. Stuart Syvret, I believe, will achieve the same within the foreseeable future and the Jersey Child Abuse Scandal will blow sky high.

Below is an recent radio interview with Robert Green
Please listen and pass this on to as many people as you can.


  1. Hi Ian.

    Listened to this last night, well what on earth can you say, well this for one he could of been telling us of a story that is happening in jersey.
    Not going to say anymore. The fight goes on.