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Saturday, 11 June 2011

"Ozouf Stiffs Us Again"

Social security hike for high earners dropped

INCREASED social security charges for high earners have been dropped because ministers say that the money is no longer needed.
The U-turn comes less than a fortnight after GST went up to 5% and in the same week as plans to slash tax rates for super-rich immigrants were announced and the retirement age was raised to 67.
Ministers had floated the plans to charge Islanders earning over £44,232 more in social security payments to raise an estimated £8m.
The extra 2% charge was approved last December and was due to come into force from January. However, Social Security Minister Ian Gorst and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf now say the increase has been shelved.


  1. This has to be the most asinine decision that Gorst/Ozouf could have taken. Because ' we donlt need the money now'!! Really? - after raising the retirement age and increasing GST I am sure you don't.

    All sheeples out there - look at this for what it is, another burden placed on the poor to cater for the rich.

    Stinks - to high heaven.

  2. ian i have asked mr pitman to bring a vote of no confidence in ozouf and gorst and i ask every one who reads this to email go to hes blog and do the same this has to stop.