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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"Operation Rose - Operation 'trash' Haute De La Garenne - A Weirdcop Production"

Kim & Dave share a moment
A good friend of mine traveled to Trafalgar Square to speak at the London Rally Against Child Abuse on June the 4th, 2011. Of course, I knew exactly what he was going to say, and yet I still felt stunned on listening to him speak. Knowing what I know about Haute De La Garenne and the worlds worst child abuse cover-up, it still chilled me to the bone. Below, I reproduce the speech made that afternoon that links David Warcup with Operation Rose (child abuse cover up) and Haute De La Garenne (child abuse cover up). As this victim explains, Operation Rose went on for 5 years, then (unofficially) for another 2 years to cover it up. Same scenario with the Jersey investigation.


  1. How old are you Ian?

  2. How old am I? hahaha

    I am as old as my eyes, older than my teeth, and still a baby when it comes to wisdom.

    But through conversing with people like you, I will die with at least some small knowledge of humanity!

    How will you fare Anon???