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Saturday, 4 June 2011

"Legalese - The Government Deception - An Example From A Novice"

As some of you are aware, I have been pushing the teachings of Robert Menard over the last couple of weeks. I am new to this also, yet I would like to show you just what I have learned in the small space of time I have been studying this life enriching practice. Below, is my deconstruction of a simple Jersey Electoral Register Statement that I have sent back to the sender with some questions? This is a document that most of you have probably received in the last month or so. Until you have watched Robert Menard's video, "Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception" HERE AT THIS GREEN LINK you will not understand just how Governments deceive you with a simple tool called "WORDS". I have the "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception" book, and it is far easier to understand what I have done here when you have the book at your disposal.

Please enjoy my humble effort below :)
Left click on the pic to read it

Below is my letter to the sender,
Mr PFM Hanning, Constable of St Saviour, Jersey

Dear Mr PFM Hanning

Thank you for the electoral register form you sent to me (which is enclosed as an attachment) in order that I may vote at the forthcoming elections.

Having read this form, I have some questions regarding it's contents, if you would be kind enough to answer ALL of these questions FULLY, I would be most grateful. My questions are as follows:

1/ In the shaded box in the top right hand corner it says "Every person who is entitled to have his/her name included on the Electoral Register has a duty to apply for registration." Would you please explain to me the exact meaning of "person" and the exact meaning of "has a duty to apply for registration".

2/ On the boxed section of the form it says "EVANS Mr Ian Leslie". Is there any particular or significant reason why it says this? and why it is that the printed words are in such order?

3/ The form also requires me to "complete using black ink and CAPITAL LETTERS". Why would this be? and for what purpose?

4/ I see that some of the words and phrases are either in brackets, or inverted comma's, could you please explain to me the significance of this, if any?

5/ In the boxed section, I have noticed that all the boxes are closed. Is there any particular significance attached to this? and if so, what exactly is that significance? Are there any reasons why these boxes cannot be opened?

6/ In the boxed section it also states the word "Surname" I do not have a Surname, I have a family name. What should I therefore enter in this particular box?

7/ In the boxed section it also states the word "Fornames" I do not have Forenames, I have christian names. What should I therefore enter in this particular box?

8/ The most perplexing section of all though is the "DATE OF BIRTH" box, this really threw me! This being a Government form and (as far as I am aware) is legally required to be filled in truthfully and honestly. Furthermore, I also understand that I am liable to penalty/prosecution if I knowingly/willingly enter false information. I ask you Sir, how do I truly and honestly know when I was born? I was not able to count at my birth, I was not able to read at my birth, the only testament to my date of birth is the hearsay of others. This being wholly true, I am therefore unwittingly liable to penalty/prosecution through no fault of my own!!!

I would be grateful Sir, for your full, accurate, and complete answers to my valid questions at your earliest convenience. It appears we have little time before I am possibly cheated out of my God given common law right to vote.

Your sincerely



  1. nice one Ian,

    I'm wondering what the code (top left) means

    UPRN;69108247 (nb:this is not your elector number)
    if it's not your elector number what is it?
    does everyone in st. Saviour have the same code?
    or is it unique to you?

    i look forward to Hannings answers, if any


  2. I have got a different number there, although everything else remains the same, could this be a code for the actual address?

  3. I am not sure anon, but you can bet I will find out.

  4. My latest email to Mr Hanning:

    Dear Mr hanning

    Further to my email of yesterday, it has been brought to my attention that there is a (lettered and numbered) code in the top left hand corner of the form.

    My code is UPRN: 69108247, after this code the form states (NB: this is not your elector number) I would be pleased to know exactly what this number refers to, and any relevance's or implications that it might have. Many thanks.

    Yours sincerely


  5. Ian have you queried the parking tickets, The headline story in todays post? when I read it your name sprang to mind.

  6. I have been poking around in my own little direction, yes.

  7. Ian, you will be lucky if Hanning replies to you. He and the management of the parish are inept . I would be obliged if you, as a rate payer could request copies of the last ten years parish accounts for me. Thanks.

  8. I dont understand all the points raised with your criticism of the electoral register,but it brings to mind the one i used to recieve from the Town Hall. It stated that if you failed to sign the form that you might be ineligible to vote! Not interested in voting I never signed it.

    There is one form that really,really annoys me.
    Those damn parking parking penalty forms,which are politely titled 'Excess Parking charge'when what they really mean is, you are being fined a lot of money. A friend of mine reckons that they should honestly retitled as 'Excessive Parking charges'

  9. Anon above, my pal and myself are working on the fines issues at the moment. In actual fact, they are not fines, they are offers, offers for you to address and are called notices. You can legally discharge a notice by attaching your own conditions to it, and which you are entitled to do. Write back within the time frame allocated stating that you have "noticed" it but do not "Under-Stand" what some of the words mean, and ask them what the words mean? Notices have to be clear, concise, understandable and unequivocal.Below is what my pal wrote.

    "payment for parking and 'fines' for same, on property owned and paid for by the people
    is UNLAWFUL.

    fixed penalty notices (on street) and excess charge notices (car parks) are not fines, you wont find the word "fine" on either, they are offers, and because we all have silent adhesion contracts with SOJinc.(drivers licence, registered vehicles etc.) they are offers the firms lawyers say you can't refuse-
    strict liability statutes

    of course the very nature of silent adhesion contracts (unrevealed contracts) is unlawful and can be challenged."

  10. And remember anon, anything with the word "ACT" in it, is not a "LAW" it is a "STATUTE". Statutes are not laws, Statutes can only be given "the force of law" with "your consent"!!!