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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Jersey's Planks Are Planking!"

Dangerous Internet craze sweeps Jersey

A dangerous craze that's sweeping the globe has now made it to the Channel Islands.

The phenomenon of planking is where people upload photos of themselves face down with their arms by their sides in a host of strange places. And it seems the more dangerous the better.

The craze hit international headlines when an Australian man died after falling from a seventh floor balcony whilst planking.

Up until a few days ago there was a website advertising a "planking muratti" between Guernsey and Jersey, that site has now been taken down.

But one facebook group, the Jersey Planking Society, is still online. It has more than 1,500 fans and contains hundreds of pictures. Those pictures are everything from the top of steps and a cow statue, to fences, roads and even the top of a lamp post

Health and Safety advisors warn anyone taking part in it isn't covered by any insurance policies or public protection laws.

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