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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"Jersey's Mugs Could Finance More Crooks Like Ogley & Pollard"

More big States pay-offs possible, warns Senator

Jimmy "the blade" Perchard
MORE senior States employees are likely to have contracts which result in them receiving substantial pay-offs when they quit their jobs, according to Senator Jim Perchard.
Senator Perchard, who says that the current ‘stupid’ States Assembly makes him ashamed to be a Member, believes that he had no choice but to reveal that two high-profile civil servants had received hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money in golden handshakes because making the issue public was the only way of holding the States to account.
He now believes that there is at least one more similar contract obliging the States to pay out a large sum of money even if the employee in question quits before the end of the contract. The Senator described the practice as another example of ministers ‘running amok’ and said that it made him embarrassed to be a States Member.


  1. All these "qualified" accountants running the show!!!

  2. What's this Jimmy a 'Road to Damascus moment?'
    Is it heck.
    The COM realise you are a liability, and have put you on 'the long finger'.You finally realise that as a 'stalwart of the establishment'but ignored by them you will be on a walk back to the clubhouse come October.
    The COM hit a high ball as you walk away and you decide to catch it for the other side ! How heroic and consistent.
    As a retiree you will find that October to the start of the next cricket season is a very long time (but not for us!).

  3. Switching from years of CoM-supporting Foot Stamping Lackey to anti-establishment progressive rebel with an election on the horizon? How very odd :)

  4. A reminder of Pollard's contribution