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Saturday, 18 June 2011

"Jersey's Chief Police Officer - Mike Bowron - Receives A Complaint" PART 2

Having wrote to Jersey's New Chief Police Officer - Mike Bowron - on the 26th May 2011 with complaints of criminality (which can be read here) , I have now received a response.

These were complaints of  Grave & Criminal Assault on myself by four police officers, who subsequently went on to perjure themselves at my trial.

Such corruption was exacerbated by Ian Le Marquand (at trial) who was my judge, and who unlawfully dismissed my evidence of corruption and perjury against the four policemen. And who was totally conflicted,  also dismissed my complaint against David Warcup.

Will he also stand in judgement of this complaint???

I was next cheated out of justice at my Royal Court appeal by the Commissioner and two Jurats, who (at appeal) agreed that I had been assaulted, and that the policemen had committed perjury. The reason for my failed appeal was the fact that (according to them) the trial judge had done no wrong?

Since then, there have been three investigations into my complaints, the first two having been swept under that ever-growing carpet. The third investigation was carried out by non-island authorities, and a copy of which report, I have been refused!

To understand this case fully, it is wise to read the 'green link' above.

I have been persecuted and bullied by the Island's police force & judiciary for 23 years, much of which can be read at the 'blue link' below.

Whilst these accusations might seem far fetched, perhaps even exaggerated, there is damning evidence to support and prove most of my cases.

If anyone needs further evidence of the corruption within Jersey's Police Force, Judiciary, and Government, I implore you to read Stuart Syvret's latest posting of today's date. The yellow link below will take you to this "astonishing shocker" that must be read.

Below is the letter from Chief Officer Mike Bowron which has disturbed me greatly.

The reason being, that the complaint has been forwarded to the Home Affairs Department. This department is run by the evidenced criminal Ian Le Marquand, who is named as a conspirator in many of the above complaints.

So as not to prejudge this decision, I must state that I have no idea of Mr Bowron's legal remit with regard to this complaint. Being that one of the people complained of, is Mr Bowron's Deputy, I shall be writing a letter of concern in this regard.

Jersey is rife with corruption and criminality in all departments,
Mr Bowron has a daunting task ahead of him if he is to clean Jersey up!!!


  1. Methinks Mike Bowron will soon prove himself one way or the other, or flee! Jersey is on the verge of having global exposure again, with the police front and center. Everyone I know is submitting the Lenny Harper Sworn Affidavit to international media and oversight groups.

  2. I have just passed it on to a thousand people on facebook with anti corruption groups and websites, it is all over the world already :)

    Australia, Africa, Russia, America, Asia, and South America, not forgetting Europe of course!

  3. ''for action as necessary'' What does that mean?

  4. That depends where you live?

    In Jersey, judging by the conclusions that DCO Barry Taylor came to, it means "it will be covered up"!!! and by Ian Le Marquand.

    Why do you think they refuse to give me a copy of the independent police report?

  5. All the people now embroiled in this saga just to protect four bent perjurious bullies!

    Well it serves them right, this time they get away with NOTHING!!!

  6. OK, I'll try passing it along to the press in Canada, because you missed them. It is a big deal, and should be read in entirety. That much corruption anywhere in the English speaking world will not stand.


  7. To the Delusional Moron who left a comment slagging me a few minutes back, your petty garbage is not getting posted.

    Now kindly take your corruption loving, paedophile sponsoring tendancies elsewhere :)

    Bye Bye Then....

  8. So in a nutshell, a complaint sent to Mr Bowron which involves a complaint against Ian Le Marquand is sent where????????? the Home Affairs Department!!!

    This is actually (if it were not so) quite amusing.

    Hope you have written back to Mr Bowron Ian.

  9. Oh Dear !

    He says 'in accordance with the legal requirement placed upon me' What exactly does that mean?, because the Police are not in charge I have to do what the government tell me to do?

  10. This post ties in quite handily with Rico's latest research into the police department.

  11. I think Bowron may turn out to be another establishment stooge. I hope you send him a reply.

  12. Just wondering what you'd make of this, Ian.
    All the best

  13. I am currently working on rephrasing my last complaint to ensure it is fully understood that this is a complaint of "Criminality" in a "Common Law Jurisdiction", and not a complaint in a "commercial" or "Admiralty Jurisdiction".

    That should then take care of the wording issues that we have!

  14. "Just wondering what you'd make of this, Ian.
    All the best."

    I thought it was a fabulous article, I would be just as intrigued to know who sent it to this page as well?