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Thursday, 16 June 2011

"Jersey Planning Corruption - Will We Get Answers?"

Alleged corruption: Question for Chief Minister

Jersey's Chief Minister is being put on the spot over allegations of corruption at the Planning Department.

In the States on Monday, Senator Terry Le Sueur will be asked by Deputy Bob Hill if police investigations have been completed and, if so, what are the findings?

And the Chief Minister will be fielding other questions on Monday, including one from St Mary Deputy Daniel Wimberley who wants to open up the population debate.

With the new Island Plan up for debate next week - along with 41 proposed amendments - St Mary Deputy Wimberley is asking Senator Le Sueur what the Council of Ministers consider what Jersey's optimum population should be.

If a figure is forthcoming from Senator Le Sueur, Deputy Wimberly is calling on him to outline the Council's plans for meeting their target population.


  1. Allegations of corruption in any States department does not send shock waves through my system, proving it is something else.
    This has to be the most corrupt, evil, dictatorship on this Planet. Roll on the whistleblowers!

  2. Well we had Stuart telling us all this, and people dismissed him as a fruit cake and a trouble maker.

    Yes - you've got the Government you deserve.

  3. Does one know who was driving the Lotus?

  4. All things in good time anon....