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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Jersey Evening Post - Apology To Mr Robert Weston"

Mr Robert Weston
  Robert Weston - An apology
A report on a Jersey Court of Appeal ruling which appeared in the JEP business pages on Monday 13 June wrongly stated that hotelier Robert Weston was ordered to pay legal costs running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Mr weston has pointed out that the costs are, in fact,not expected to exceed more than a few hundred pounds.
This is because the order related solely to the costs of an application for leave to appeal and not to the substantive court action.
Mr Weston is the director representing the Phone-In Trading Post, trading as Admatch, which has been involved in a long running legal dispute with Leeds United Football Club.
The JEP regrets the error and offers its apologies to Mr Weston for any embarrassment that it has caused.


  1. Just a shame that the apology was hidden away on page 21, as people cannot usually stomach wading past page 3 or 4.

  2. It also did not make mention of the discrepancy between the two figures it quoted, i.e. £500,000 rather than £500.

    A rather huge 'ouef' on face methinks. Should have been on the front page.

  3. Ian.

    The "FILTHY RAG", in my opinion is less of an insult than calling it by it's proper name. By now the JEP must be world famous for what it does (or doesn't).

    The JEP will have a reputation and people around the world will know who/what you're talking about. Calling it the FILTHY RAG might just be doing it a service!

  4. My partner has just been jailed for a grave & criminal assault, the "FILTHY RAG" called him a crazy man who was possessed!! The article only stated what the prosecution read out, they did not mention that the assault was provoked or that my partner had to defend himself as he was being bitten and his testicles squeezed till they felt like they were going to pop!! Why did they have to put a photo in the rag, i know why because he has a tattoo on his face, so he must be crazy!! When i called them today, to ask about the article & what a detrimental effect this was having on his family & him also, they basically told me, that's not there problem. I will not let this go till they either apologies or write both sides of the story!! But then again, the so called victim, is a known police informant, so maybe that's why it's one sided as they need to be protected don't they...haaaa!!!

  5. I know the feeling hun, believe me. Just take a look at my OTHER BLOG to see the crap I have put up with over the years.

    Tell you what, you write out honestly what happened, and any evidence, and I will put your story up against the Filthy Rag's!!!

    Email me at