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Friday, 10 June 2011

"Jersey Doing Business With China???"

Delegation go to China to promote Jersey for investment

Senators Le Sueur and Cohen with the Chinese Ambassador to Britain, His Excellency Liu Xiaoming A delegation from Jersey is in China to promote Jersey as a place for investment

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Jersey's Chief Minister has met the British ambassador to China in London ahead of a visit to China next week.
Senator Terry Le Sueur will lead a delegation to China from 13-16 June to build closer economic ties with China.
He will be meeting with Chinese government representatives as well as people in the business community.
He was joined by the Assistant Chief Minister for International and UK Relations, Senator Freddie Cohen, and members of Jersey Finance.
Senator Le Sueur said: "China is the world's fastest growing major economy and it is important... that we continue to strengthen our commercial and diplomatic ties both with its government and with Chinese financial and business leaders."
The Chief Minister's department has not revealed how much the trip will cost, saying it was an essential investment for the States and that all ministerial expenses are published annually in the States accounts.
The Jersey Finance team will be led by chief executive Geoff Cook.
The Jersey delegation will be meeting with senior financial services and legal practitioners, and state and government officials during the visit.
Mr Cook will also speak at the Offshore Investment conference in Shanghai - where Jersey Finance is a gold sponsor.
He will talk about the attraction of Jersey as a jurisdiction for Chinese investors wishing to access Western European markets.
Geoff Cook said: "Jersey is really seeing the benefits of the effort that has been put into building a positive relationship with China and it is important that we continue to build on that success."

And....then there is "THIS" !!!


  1. Jersey and China have a lot in common, except one is getting richer and moving slowly in the direction of democracy, the other is moving away. Would even China have allowed William Bailhache to judge Stuart's case?

  2. From the link you provided:
    "Google did not say the Chinese government was behind the attacks or say what might have motivated them. But a former U.S. government official who served in China said he was fairly sure the Chinese government was responsible. He said it was a sign of Beijing's fears that contagion from the Arab "jasmine" uprisings could spread to China."

    Or, maybe China was behind the gmail hackings because Jersey paid them off for hacking Stuart's email to prevent a "jasmine" uprising in Jersey. I am only half way joking.

  3. It matters not, your answer was fun !