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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"Jersey Craps On Their Own Citizens - Then Asks Them For Help?"

‘Help us fight illegal immigration’

A Customs and Immigration officer working at the Harbour

ISLANDERS are being urged to help in the fight against a worrying new trend of illegal immigrants slipping into the Island undetected from the UK.
Head of Customs and Immigration Mike Robinson said that he wanted to hear from anyone who had suspicions about those living in Jersey without the correct visa.
He made the comments following the publication of the Customs annual report which revealed that three illegal immigrants were found living in Jersey last year. All three were from Bangladesh. Two have been sent home and one is now seeking asylum in the UK.
In addition, 33 people were turned back at the Island’s borders for not having the right visa. They included eight Bangladeshis, five Russians, three Sri Lankans and two Canadians.

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