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Saturday, 25 June 2011

"Jersey Corruption To Be Revealed"

Scrutiny to review report into child abuse inquiry

A sub-panel is to be chaired by Deputy Trevor Pitman

A SCRUTINY panel is to examine whether a report into the financial management of the historical child abuse inquiry was fair, accurate and independent.
The Education and Home Affairs Panel has agreed to form a sub-panel led by Deputy Trevor Pitman to investigate issues arising from the report carried out by accountancy firm BDO Alto and commissioned by the Minister for Home Affairs Ian Le Marquand.
The report, published in July 2010, made strong criticisms of financial management and oversight failures during the historical child abuse inquiry, highlighting the role of the senior investigating officer Lenny Harper.
A statement issued by the panel said that serious concerns had been brought to their attention about certain aspects of the way in which BDO Alto had carried out its review.


  1. I expect this report to be reviewed will go the faults of certain individuals, but it still does not face the reason for investigating the child abuse issues from the past in the first place.

    It's a start, I guess.

    But the below could have been avoided in the first place if the child abuse inquiry was handled correctly in the first place, all this does for children who were abused is put their lives on hold again and its upsetting that once again justice becomes a slanging match.

    How this scrutiny is dealt with will show how if at all Jersey can move forward...

  2. Well why has Senator Le Gresley gone so quite on his unanimous winning vote to expose the child abuse cover up?

    He needs to be asked why he has suddenly lost his enthusiasm!?