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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Jackson's Department Can't Even Direct The Traffic Around Town Adequately"

Consultants: TTS defend £1.2m cost

Transport Minister Mike Jackson

TRANSPORT Minister Mike Jackson has defended his department’s high spending on consultants, saying it would cost much more to permanently employ a set of engineering experts.
Figures released by the Treasury department show that TTS spent £1.32 million on 82 consultants’ reports in the last five years – making them the second highest-spending department, narrowly behind Health.
But the figure is a much higher proportion of their total spending as they have an annual budget of only £28m, the fourth-lowest of the ten States departments.

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  1. This is the man who destroyed the lovely Victorian walkway at La Collette removed the traditional seaside coloured lights and gave us overpriced and uneven tarmac on the Avenue..the way he slavishly fawns at the feet of the establishment is sickening...a charmless lacky who's bizarre ideas are earning him the title Whacko dangling next...?