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Thursday, 16 June 2011

"Illegal Parking On Streets - The Thievery Is Relentless"

Mike Jackson throws in some scare tactics to put the Jersey public "OFF" claiming back their stolen money!
Good Job Mike.

"The risk, from the motorists' point of view, is that they could be given a higher fine."

Wonder if you would care to explain that one Mike?

"BUT, under the LAW, only Centeniers and Constables are empowered to issue on-street parking fines"

Whatever happened to this little stumbling block Mike?
Did it just evaporate into "Jersey" thin air?

"Payment for parking and 'fines' for same, on property owned and paid for by the people

Fixed penalty notices (on street) and excess charge notices (car parks) are not fines, you wont find the word "fine" on either, they are offers, and because we all have silent adhesion contracts with SOJinc.(drivers licence, registered vehicles etc.) they are offers the firms lawyers say you can't refuse-
strict liability statutes.

Of course, the very nature of silent adhesion contracts (unrevealed contracts) is unlawful,
and can be challenged."

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  1. A funny thing happened in town last week,
    I parked my automobile,not using a pay card
    (i've stopped using them)
    on my return a traffic warden (parking control offfficer) was looking at my cardless motor, the very same one I questioned in 'court' last year- questions like "what exactly is an excess charge notice?",and " what is the parish of st.Helier?"
    believe me they have trouble with this kind of question

    we exchanged pleasantries then i left,at no point did the PCO make any attempt to 'fine' me.

    parking an unlawful multi-million pound scam!

    non compliance
    all rights reserved


  2. Thank you for that "C"

    Rather surprising what can be achieved when one knows the rules by which the game is played!

  3. The latest

    BDO 10

    Ticket for Le Marquand


  4. Thank you for "BDO 10" Rico.

    Another prime example of ongoing Jersey Corruption :)