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Sunday, 5 June 2011

"How To Deal With The Police - Common Law Rights & Consent"

How to deal with the police!

Here are a couple of short video's which will give you basic rights and knowledge
when dealing with authoritative figures who may confront you in the name of "THE LAW".

Your first steps to becoming a Freeman of the Land.

And last - but not least - A little Jersey Corruption Below!

Read carefully the written words at the end.


  1. i live in jersey and think you so right

  2. I wish I knew about this site before I got arrested. I have been hounded by the Police and they currently have my home under surveillance over a neighbourhood dispute. 4 covert Cameras have been placed in the real offenders garden and one is positioned to focus on the inside of my house through my conservatory. Another is focused directly in my garden. I suspect my telephone and broadband is also being intercepted. Any advice after I fell into the Police trap???

    1. What are you supposed to have done?