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Saturday, 25 June 2011

"How To Deal With The Jersey Government's Blackmail & Extortion"

Before we start this posting, we would like the reader to know, and acknowledge, that anything in this posting is "NOT" Legal Advice, and should "NOT" be perceived as such. Everything written here is merely our own theory on the deconstruction of a Government demand.
Please also note, that anyone using these tactics or copying what we have done here, "MUST" know how to defend themselves properly in a courtroom. Lawyer's and Judges have a wealth of knowledge and trickery to get you to consent to their codes of practice, thereby rendering you liable to their penalties after you have been coaxed into giving up your "Inalienable Rights".

"Common Law is the greatest protection anyone has against tyrannical Government, and injustice. The States of Jersey have trampled the Law of the land into the dirt."

Having gotten myself hooked on the "Freeman" principle of Common Law through Robert Menard's wonderful video, Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception. I have been studying Common Law for some weeks now. Below, we show you how to get around Government tyranny and deception. The example we will be using is the Governments assertion that you are "obliged" to do Jury Service, and that you will be "liable" to a "fine" of up to £500 if you do not "comply". We will also be deconstructing what we have written to explain in greater detail how the deception works.

A friend of mine, and fellow Freeman, was summonsed for jury service in Jersey last week. Within three days we were able to get his exemption from Jury Service substantiated, despite the Government informing him this was "in accordance with the LAW".

The Viscounts Department is a limited liability company, as are all States Departments. The fact that the States of Jersey is a Corporation - has massive implications for ordinary folk.

The States of Jersey operate in commercial law and admiralty law, and not the law of the land (common law).

Some of us have woken up to this unlawful state of affairs. We are in lawful rebellion and will no longer comply with this criminal regime.

Below, is the initial summons received. We have masked the full name and address of the man to whom this document was served.
Please left click on the pic to read it.



1/ This Summons is in fact, a notice, "I hereby notify you" nothing more. It is simply an offer, an offer for you to attend court.

2/ The way to deal with any notice/offer, is to send a notice back! To discharge a notice simply "conditionally" accept it. Lay out and attach your own terms and conditions to the notice as we have done below. Never be afraid to ask questions.

3/ Their assertion that you can be fined up to £500 for non attendance of court, is simply ludicrous. It is quite simply a veiled threat to get you to comply with their wishes, and akin to demanding money with menaces, extortion, and fraud.

4/ At the end it clearly states "if you fail to attend, you will be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred pounds sterling, in accordance with the law". This is not true, there is no law to empower them to fine you, there are only statutes, statutes which are "NOT" laws. Statutes can only be given "the force of law" with your consent.


The Viscount
The Viscount’s Department
Morier House
20th June 2011

Notice to agent is notice to principal and vice-versa

You have apparently made allegations that I am obliged to provide you with a service.
You have apparently made demands upon me.

I do not understand those apparent demands and therefore cannot lawfully fulfil them.

I seek clarification of your document so that I may act according to the law and maintain my entire body of inalienable rights in doing so.

Failure to accept this offer, to clarify, and to do so completely and in good faith within 7 (seven) days will be deemed by all parties to mean that you, and your principal or other parties, abandon all demands upon me.

I conditionally accept your offer to agree that I am Mr C**** **** ****** and that I am obliged to provide you with a service, upon proof of claim of all of the following;
1.      Upon proof of claim that I am a Mr and not a man.
2.      Upon proof of claim that I am a person and not a man.
3.      Upon proof of claim that I have a lawful contract with your Company.
4.      Upon proof of claim that any of your Companies rules apply to me.
5.      Upon proof of claim that there is a law obliging me to provide you, or your company, with any service.
6.      Upon proof of claim that I have signed an international contract.
7.      Upon proof of claim that I am a member of the Armed Forces.
8.      Upon proof of claim that my inalienable rights do not apply to this matter.
Furthermore, I reserve my rights not to be bound by any unrevealed contracts.

Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity.    


1/ Make it clear that the authorities are dealing with a man or woman. When dealing with the legal world it is essential to remember that we ARE just men and women, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Sir, Dr, are titles, and have no place in the real world.

2/ What is a PERSON? A person is a legal fiction created by Government at your birth, and by way of a birth certificate, it only exists in law, not in the real world. Lawfully, men and women are NOT PERSON'S. Interpretation (Jersey) Law 1954 defines a person as a body corporate. Government can only act upon your person, and with your consent, not upon you as a man or woman. Remember that ALL men and women are equal in common law and that no one can claim any power or authority over you unless you grant them consent to do so. Notwithstanding of course, that you have not caused anyone injury, loss, or have not used fraud or mischief in your contracts.

3/ & 4/ A company can only make demands on it's employees, or those that have a lawful contract with them.

5/ No one is "obliged" to provide a limited liability company with any service unless 3/ and/or 4/ of the above apply.

6/ & 7/ Because ALL Jersey courts are courts of Admiralty (see colonial courts of Admiralty act 1890) to have jurisdiction over you, you must have signed an international (i.e. be an embassador/political instrument for your Government)  contract. OR, be a member of the military, OR, consent to Admiralty jurisdiction (be tricked into handing over your consent) either tacitly or expressly. We will touch upon this in a later posting, the way and manner in which they trick you into giving your consent.

8/ This is self explanatory. Reserving your rights not to be bound by any unrevealed contracts takes care of the (silent adhesion) contracts that we all have with the States of Jersey Inc.

An example of a silent adhesion contract is registering your automobile, wherein, the silent adhesion contract (unrevealed contract) is that you must obtain insurance and have a license to travel in said automobile.

As an aside, it is interesting to note that if you privately own an automobile i.e (don't register it with the authorities - which is within your rights) you are not required by law to hold a drivers license or obtain insurance in order to travel in the automobile, unless of course, you are engaging in commerce on the highway.



1/ Please note that the Viscount's reply addresses this gentleman by his correct name, and with the omission of the title "MR". Proving to you all that "Mr" is as we stated, just a fiction. Even if your name appears correctly, as is the case here, the truth is that it is a commercial document, so they are again talking about the person, and not a man or a woman.

2/ It says "I hereby grant your application" this made us both chuckle somewhat, as the word "Application" means literally "To Beg" !!! We certainly did not see any begging going on here - Do You? Any time you see the words Submission, Application, Registration, you know that you are giving them consent, and they do it with everything! That is why the lawyers are in all the power...."YOU CAME TO THEM AND BEGGED".

3/ At the top of the document it says "Loi (1864) reglant la procedure criminelle" Why are some of Jersey's statutes written in an obsolete language, Norman French? These same statutes having been repealed in France over 200 years ago? I WONDER!!!

4/ Finally, and this cracked me up. Their motto near the foot of the page is "Investor In People" PEOPLE, PERSON, LEGAL FICTION, NOT OF COMMON LAW....

"Summary Of Posting"

"DO NOT" be fooled by Civil Rights or Human Rights, these can, and will be taken away from you, if need be.

Men, Women, and Children have "inalienable rights", or to rephrase "un-a-lien-able rights", these cannot be taken away from us, but can be given away through our consent (see 2/ directly above).

My friend, and fellow "Freeman" leaves you with a little something to think about:

"If we had a De-Jure Government and Judiciary here in Jersey, I would be only too pleased to do my Common Law Duty to, and in the benefit of my fellow man."


  1. Hello Ian I am interested in the freeman subject myself and salute you for demonstrating its use here in Jersey. By the way did you get a response from the constable? No retreat. No surrender

  2. Hanning? No, not a peep I'm afraid.

    Time to write another letter me thinks :)

  3. Very interisting Ian, as were the earlier videos you posted.

  4. Once again you are a necessity to the many people who wouldn't know where to start Ian. Law is a complex set of multilingual, multi faceted made purposely complex pile of bollocks, although hard to read it is not as hard to understand when you know their code. Great piece.

  5. Thank you anon, and yes, it is surprising how easy it is to master once that simplicity has hit you square in the face :)

    It just falls into place, so to speak.

  6. Nice one Ian, That was well laid out and very easy to follow. look forward to more postings on this subject.

    I agree with above

    Great Piece


  7. Thank you Ian I learnt more from the above than I ever did from doing a simple course on aspects of law (Statute and Common) for a professional qualification I did years ago.


  8. Ahimsa

    There will be plenty more to come on this subject :)

    I am pleased you enjoyed the read....

  9. Ian, very enlightening and frightening too! Does this mean then that all States of Jersey official organisations/departments (i.e. the Police, Customs and Excise, the Viscounts dept etc) are in fact limited liability companies/or subsidiaries of a limited company (i.e. The States of Jersey? )

    If this is the case, does the State or its subsidiaries have in strict law (common or otherwise) any real tangible authority over us the citizenry?

    What a world we live in! No wonder barking Bill is fighting so hard to gain absolute power! The ordinary and ignorent people of Jersey are a sauce of never ending wealth to the share holders of jersey PLC!

  10. YES!!!

    They are all PLC's, even the parishes. When you go to court, firstly, you are arrested by THEIR police, you are charged by THEIR Centennier. You are advised by THEIR lawyers, you are ushered by THEIR staff, you are judged by THEIR judges, you are locked up by THEIR prison guards!

    And they tell you that you have had a fair trial???

    Through the whole process it is YOU against ALL OF THEM!

    But in reality, they have NO POWER over you if you know how to handle their deceit.

  11. Even if you do possess a license and happen to be in a registered conveyance,if you are not "on the clock" ie. engaging in commerce, does company policy still apply?

  12. Brodie

    Good question.

    SOJ Inc. will presume you are "on the clock" as you put it, especially if you show them government issued I.D.

    The adhesion contracts associated with licences and registration have you "always" in commerce, however these contracts were never revealed to you and nobody has to be bound by unrevealed contracts.

    The biggest deception with this is that almost everyone thinks we are obliged to have a licence and registration to travel in our private automobiles. We are not obliged, and unrevealed contracts can be voided.

    "The Company" knows that I can protect myself and make them look silly in one of their courts, so far, they have left me alone :)

  13. as strange as it may seem the 'company' never takes action against the man/woman only the 'person' the trouble starts when we identify ourselves with the 'person'

  14. Ok...but that presumption,(presumption of law?) need only have a rebuttal to nullify does it not? Whether facing a "traffic violation" or going through the process of getting your private automobile back after is has been towed away for not producing a license or registration or have gov issued plates, that presumption will still have to be corrected no? If you were in fact engaging in commerce at the time of the run-in with police there must be a record of what commercial undertaking was going wouldn't there?

  15. Brodie

    You obviously know your stuff :)

    Isn't it the case that men and women cannot appear in commerce?

    I agree, presumptions (of law or other) should be challenged.

    Notice of Understanding, or Notice of Status, and Claim of Right should get the job done....

  16. yep! you're right about that! So have your notices helped you on the side of the road dealing with an officer? When you said they "leave you alone" what did you mean? They don't pull you over anymore or they just move along once you've shown them your notices?

  17. They don't pull us over anymore or dish out parking tickets.

  18. :D Glad to hear of more than just isolated successes with this!

  19. Bloody brilliant, thank you! We need more of this on the Internet, you should star a website on in, perfectly explained! WE HAVE THE POWER! Lol