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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"The Hopes Of An Island Rest With Syvret"

Cover-up TV

Stuart Syvret In court To Sue States

Former Senator Stuart Syvret was in court again on Monday where he is suing the Chief Minister, the former Attorney General, the States of Jersey and the Employment Board over what he claims was his unfair dismissal as Health Minister in 2007.

Syvret says those people had a duty to support him in that role - and they failed.

At the Royal Court Syvret had to show he had a legal right to claim compensation for losing his job.

He argues civil servants engaged in a conspiracy to cover up child abuse in the island which he was trying to expose - culminating in him being forced out of his job.

The presiding judge, Jonathan Sumption, was brought in because Syvret was adamant that no local judge would meet the test of objectivity. Although most of the morning was spent discussing Syvret's application for Sumption to recuse - in other words excuse - himself from the case due to apparent bias.

The grounds of this bias, according to Stuart Syvret lay in the fact that Sumption is friend and acquaintance of parties with an "interest" in the case - those being Sir Philip Bailhache, who was Bailiff between 1995 and 2009, Mr Michael Birt, the now Bailiff who was Deputy Bailiff from 2000 to 2009, Sir Philip's brother, Mr William Bailhache, who was Attorney General between 2000 and 2009, before becoming Deputy Bailiff and Mr Tim Le Cocq, who succeeded him as Attorney General.

Nevertheless, Jonathan Sumption refused to recuse himself, and the court went on to hear the defendants' application to get the case struck out.

The Solicitor General argued there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the case, and that he was bringing his action too late.

Meanwhile, after much deliberation it became apparent that Syvret's case was actually centered around a claim for damages caused prior to his dismissal as a result of public authorities failing to discharge their duty of care towards him and causing him substantial emotional and psychological harm.

Hence the challenge for Mr Syvret, who represents himself, became to show that he had a legal right to compensation, on the presumption that his facts are true.

The question for Mr Sumption, meanwhile, became much narrower than initially thought. He will now have to determine whether the States do have such a duty of care - in which case it could go to a full trial- if not, the case would be struck out.

A judgement is expected early on Wednesday morning.

The  Filthy  Rag

Syvret says he was traumatised at Health

FORMER Health Minister Stuart Syvret’s attempts to help victims of child abuse left him traumatised, he claimed in the Royal Court yesterday.
He claimed that the States Employment board failed in its duty of care by allowing senior civil servants to conceal child protection failures when he was Health Minister.
Solicitor General Howard Sharp is trying to get the civil case against the four defendants thrown out, which is why this week’s hearing is taking place.


  1. Ian.


    On another note, I see CTV are boasting that they made history by being the first to tweet from a court case in Jersey. But they just can't bring themselves to admit that it was a Blogger who made the request to tweet and not the "discredited" media.............. How very sad.

  2. Can the Solicitor General try to get the case thrown out is it not in his interest to hear the case and get to the heart of the matter for the good of the island and its government.

    I would of thought trying to get the case thrown out is a good indication of protecting government of Jersey from something.

  3. First point is, Howard Sharp has proved himself to be well and truely bred from 7 Bedford Row.

    Second point is, Mr Sumption QC, is really going to have to prove/use his so called superiour brain power....

    To outwit our true Jerseyman and soon to be locaL hero and torch bearer.

    Mr Stuart Syvret!

  4. The pattern of the abuse scandal cover-up and the way Syvret is treated only makes the whole justice system seem more suspect by the day. There are no words adequate to describe the local media bias. The M.S.M. will be named and shamed eventually, by their peers in other places, just as the guilty politicians will. How can anybody doubt it now?

  5. Sumption could find himself pulled down into the Jersey muck if he chooses to rule only in alignment with his friends. Or, he could be a hero like Stuart Syvret if he dedicates himself to higher principles. Sumption may be the one to decide on fairweather friendship with crooks vs allowing historic level of transparency and exposure of truth in the form of witness statements under oath.

  6. Judge Sumption will have no doubt, that Stuart Syvret is no fool by now and he will hopefully work on logic. He will only have to look at the dismal history of the States employment board, including the latest hospital executive employment farce to know there is indeed a case to answer.

    Judge Sumption would and could allow a case whereby the elite would have to answer in court regarding Stuart Syvrets evidence.

    This could be an important turning point for justice in Jersey. Has clean up time come at last? Stuart would, like any informed top single witness need physical protection.

    The fall from highly paid jobs and position for many would be unbearable for them. It was always going to happen, is now the time ?


  7. Stuart has more friends he could stay with outside of Jersey than even he knows.


  8. The paedo filth are running scared, even the Farce blog says its coming back in a desperate attempt to muddy the waters with its crap!

  9. Farce Blog wasn't much more than a government sponsored nest of trolls. Even the blogowners, commenters and political sponsors didn't want to be publicly associated with it.


  10. I am inclined to think that Mr Sumption QC is caught between a rock and a hard place.

    On one hand he probably associates with who Stuart calls the FACAW (Fiends at Court at Whitehall) and has an allegiance to them and on the other side he has the truth.

    Which way are you going to go Mr. S. ?

    The Beano is not the Rag